I’m your Peachy Mistress, and you listen to me boy!

Hi I’m Eva, a Fresh and Wild Brunette. I’m 22 year old student in London working for Peachy Massage London. This week I am giving you an insight to my tie and tease massage I gave to a regular client of mine. Enjoy!

I love my job! I get to meet a variety of people every night of week, such as businessmen and even a few celebrities and I can be whoever I want to be on those nights, I can let my alter ego come out. Tonight I am a confident, in control sexy brunette ready to make any fantasy come true no matter how different it may be 😉

I turn up to the hotel to meet my client dressed in a black herve ledger dress emphasising my 32 DD breasts and my ample bottom, black Jimmy Choo’s and my long curly brown hair loose. I knock on the door and I am instantly greeted with a look which could undress me then and there. I push him through the door and bark at him to sit down, it is now my time to be in control. Once he has seated I tell him I am his Peachy mistress and to only refer to me as ‘Mistress’ if he disobeys anything I say then he will be in trouble. I rip his shirt open, a few buttons popping off then I run my finger down his chest teasing him letting him feel my touch he notices my peach colour nail polish and comments that ‘I am his beautiful peachy mistress’ I don’t smile I let my eyes do the talking then I take his shirt off him and then start tying his hands up behind his back. I can tell this arouses him and this is when the real fun can begin.

I stand in front of him, and tell him to watch me at all times and to never take his eyes off me if he knows what is good for him. I then very slowly unzip my dress, teasing him knowing for him this is like opening a present slowly the frustration building up wanting to see what it is. I drop my dress to the floor keeping my heels on and revealing my peachy colour lacy underwear. I tell him to pay me a compliment he replies with ‘ Your body is beautiful.’ I whip him for not saying Mistress and make him repeat the compliment this time saying Mistress as well. I walk round from the front of him to his back, I lean into his ear and whisper in his ear ‘ I am your peachy Mistress’ I make sure my breasts are pushed into his body so he can feel the touch of them.I start massaging his back and shoulders the whole time letting my hair tickle the corners of his back, my breasts touching his shoulder and ear letting him know it isn’t just him who is enjoying this.

I come back around parading in my underwear for a bit the look of lust on his face increasing. I go over to him and undo his trousers roughly but quickly pull them off him next I take his boxers off him which reveals his very hard penis standing for attention. I tell him he has been a bad boy and I will have to punish him now, he replied with ‘ Yes Mistress.’ I then turn my back to him and slowly undo my bra, I gracefully drop it to my right hand side but stay with my back to him a little longer letting him admire my peachy bottom. I then turn to face him my pink nipples smiley at him I can tell he likes what he sees. I get some oil out rubbing a small bit on my big breasts letting out a moan as I know how badly he wants to be doing this to me. I then go over to him and run my body from his legs up his body lingering my breast in his face knowing how desperate he is to just suck them. I tell him as I am his mistress he can only look and admire he can not touch in any way.

I start concentrating on his hard cock massaging his balls a bit telling him how much I love being in control, I say this close to his cock knowing my breath on it feels good and teases him some more. I let go and walk off to stand in front of him again this is when I drop my thong but this time I do it quickly keeping my eyes on his face the whole time. I keep my heels on go behind him and wrap my one of my legs around him so he can feel my whole body against his and start massaging him some more. After the teasing massage I take him by surprise and grab his hard penis with a firm grip he lets out a moan I start motioning back and forth with my hand along his penis the whole time telling he is a bad boy and needs to be punished. With my other hand I whip him a couple of times to let him know I am still in control. Then I start trembling with the intensity of his climax, my alter ego and him became one and I feel a great pleasure in knowing that I let someone’s fantasy come true.

Peachy Massage London
Eva has providing Erotic Massages in London for 6 Months.

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