How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Exercise can improve your sex drive

We all know how important it is to exercise, eat a well-balanced meal and stay fit. Of course, exercising takes time, along with motivation, consistency, and drive. All too often, we are too busy with our regular routine to take just ten to fifteen minutes a day to exercise, and when we do get home, we are often too exhausted to do anything, especially be intimate. This is unfortunate, because exercise is needed to keep our blood pressure low and control our sugar intake, in addition to feel confident enough to be intimate with a loved one. So, here are several ideas to improve your fitness level and current sex life!

Did you know that people (of all ages) that exercise regularly actually feel happier? Many scientists link this to endorphins, which are released into the body during exercise. These endorphins are also released during sex. So, the more frequent you have sex after a great workout, the more intense the pleasure becomes when having sex! Studies have documented that this is especially true for women.

Better Blood Circulation
Did you know that the cardiovascular system you use to exercise is an integral part to stamina during sex? That’s right, the blood that your heart circulates gets pumping during sex too. The better you are taking care of your overall health, the better your sex life will be. Sex is a lot more enjoyable when you’re not exhausted!

Exercise Sexual Aging
Both men and women will find that if they take a 15 minute walk, do some stretches at their desk, walk farther to their car, and take the stairs on a regularly routine, they are more likely to have significant amounts of sex by the time they retire. In fact, studies have shown that this population will have just as much sex as the most powerful executives in their 40s. In other words, exercise will give you a “sexual age” of about 15-20 years your junior.

Exercise & Stress
Think about this idea. Although you have had a bad day, for whatever reason, go out for a brisk walk. Then, go inside your home. You will likely be more loving, am I right? This is because certain hormones kick in when you can find a way to blow off steam. Well, newsflash! The same can be said of sex! Sex is a proven stress reliever. Then, it’s a very fortunate snowball effect. If you’re less stressed because you’ve had sex, you’ll be nicer and more caring to your spouse, and then bam! More sex again!

Don’t forget that sex itself can be not only a physical workout, but also a great incentive to get into a gym. Watch what happen thanks to your improved self-esteem and sex drive!

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