Cocoa London Gold Plug Giveaway Double Bill!


Cocoa London Rose Gold Plugs

What a treat we have you all this month. The lovely people at Cocoa London have donated not one, but two superb prizes for us to giveaway. To celebrate their February sale for Valentine’s, Cocoa London have put up for grabs two 24ct gold plated plug sets. These luxurious sets can be used vaginally or anally, perfect for double plugging or a his and hers matching plugs. They are made from solid stainless steel (surgical grade), then plated with real 24ct gold and presented in an ornate wooden box, that’s beautiful and also perfect for protecting the plugs.


Cocoa London (Plain) Gold Plugs

The first set are in Rose Gold and will be given away in the first Rafflecopter, ending on February 14th. The second set are finished in traditional yellow gold and will be given away in a second Rafflecopter kicking off on the February 15th and closing on March 4th. What better way to double plug to two pairs of plugs. ūüėČ

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Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope Review

Rope Bondage ShibariWhen it comes to bondage, rope is one of the first things many of us try on those early kinky forays before getting hooked. It’s easy to come by, everyone can tie a basic granny knot and it’s satisfyingly effective. From these humble beginnings, with a little time, patience, dedication one can explore the amazing art of Shibari – the ancient Japanese technique of rope bondage. Part art form, part fetish, a medium for the skilled to display their knot work and constrain their subject in strict bondage.

One of the first things you learn when first attempting some basic Shibari knots, is you need a lot of rope. A lot of long pieces of rope. Our early bondage attempts revolved around four 2m lengths to tie one another down spread eagled on the bed. Such lengths simply won’t get your far with Shibari, where you often need lengths of at least 10m. Which is exactly where this¬†Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Japanese silk rope comes in. Submitted for review by √úberKinky and aimed squarely at beginners, (from a presentation point of view), it’s a box with a 10.5m length of black silk rope inside, 8mm thick (that’s 35′ long, 1/4″ thick for you old school readers). Perfect to get you started. But where do you start? Unfortunately no helpful guides are included with this Pipedream rope. However you can find a great Rope Bondage Guide over at √úberKinky with some great first knots to try and some important safety advice.

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Blag yourself 15% off at Lovehoney this January

January is a rubbish month, it’s cold, wet, dark miserable and you’re skint from Christmas. So to cheer you up I have a great offer for you: Blag 15% off at Lovehoney (UK) when you spend ¬£40 or more. Also, a very handy offer to get in their early and sort out something out for Valentine’s day next month.

Offer ends 31st January. Stuff in the 75% clearance sale is also included in this offer.

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California Exotics/Dr. Joel Silicone Prostate Locator Massager Review

CalExotics-Prostate-Massager-4For you guys that think the prostate is just the source of problems in later life, then please read on. For you guys that know the prostate can be the source of much pleasure, then please read on too. Under review we have the an innocent and dinky looking black silicone dildo from California Exotics. Designed as the ideal prostate massager for all guys who desire a little more than just penis stimulation.

This Prostate Locator was produced by California Exotics and has been endorsed by Dr Joel Kaplan, the clever men’s sexual health chap. It’s not clear what involvement Dr Joel had, or whether he did nothing more than just stick his name on it. Who knows? TBH I couldn’t care less if it was endorsed by Donkey Kong, so long as the product is good. So, lets crack on and find out.

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Gun Oil H2O Lube Review

Gun-Oil-H2O-LubeThe Gun Oil range of lubricants really take gender stereotyping to a new level. Here we have the Gun Oil H2O lubricant , presented like a bullet and marketed like a new secret weapon for budding army marines everywhere. This masculine overdose is countered by the company’s Pink range of lubes that are just pink, not gay pink, just super fairy pink; perfect for all the feminine ladies. Maybe.

Putting aside the companies marketing and branding choices, lets take a look at this product and see if it’s actually any good.

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