Vibrating Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight vibro review

When Mariah Carey said, “I gotta shake it off, ‘cause the loving ain’t the same,” who would’ve thought it could relate with our boring masturbation habits? If you’re reading this, it’s evident that you’re not satisfied with your regular jerk-off habits anymore, and are looking for a change. Fleshlights are a brilliant alternative, but these … Read more

Best Fleshlight Sleeves

best fleshlight sleeve

Masturbation is basically having an orgasmic sexual encounter with the only person you love unconditionally, so why not make it memorable every time? Let’s face it – Fleshlight sleeves are the future. Once you start having vaginal and anal sex at your comfort without spending hours on long conversations and coffee dates, you’ll never want … Read more

Best Pocket Blowjob Sex Toys (Updated 2024 with a new toy)

best pocket BlowJob

Pocket blowjob sex toys is a great way to level up your masturbation game and get some diversity from all the pussy and anal masturbators. I’ve tested some of the highest rated pocket blowjob sex toys and written a list of the best. All the pocket blowjob toys have been rated according to their: Realistic … Read more