Summer Break

With an abrupt change in the weather the summer is over and what a busy summer of love it has been. Apologies for the lack of updates, but a much needed holiday was in order. Time to recuperate, replenish and spend time with family. Exposed everyday to the rude and lewd, focusing on reviewing and working can soon take it’s toll, desensitise and quickly become fatiguing.

The best remedy? A break. Back to basics, rediscover those simple things you had forgotten about yet love so much. The result? Back in action, raring to go with a strong appetite to get kinky again.

If you’re mojo is waning, try taking a break, rejuvenate and return with renewed vigour.

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Have The Perfect Date Night In

Perfect Date Night InIf you and your other half never seem to get the chance to go out and treat yourselves for a date night, why not treat yourselves in the home for a date night? For whatever reason, you may not have the time or the money to be going out on a date; it can be rather horrible missing out. So instead of missing out any more, why don’t you create the perfect romantic night in and have a date there instead? It may not seem that romantic when you first think about it, but you can make a night in extremely special. Follow these tips and you will be surprised by what a great night in you can have.

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How To Keep the Spark Alive In Your Marriage

keeping-marriage-spark-aliveAs the years go by and life continues to get busier and busier, many couples neglecting their marriages. Whether it be children or careers that demand most of their attention, their relationship is often put on the back burner and the flame begins diminishing. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

By putting in effort to keep your marriage front and centre, it’s easier than it seems to keep the spark alive.

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How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Exercise can improve your sex drive

We all know how important it is to exercise, eat a well-balanced meal and stay fit. Of course, exercising takes time, along with motivation, consistency, and drive. All too often, we are too busy with our regular routine to take just ten to fifteen minutes a day to exercise, and when we do get home, we are often too exhausted to do anything, especially be intimate. This is unfortunate, because exercise is needed to keep our blood pressure low and control our sugar intake, in addition to feel confident enough to be intimate with a loved one. So, here are several ideas to improve your fitness level and current sex life!

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Natural Aphrodisiac Fruit ‘n’ Veg

Are your fruit and veg a bit limp? Want to take control like Gordon Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen? Want to get frisky with your food? You are what you eat. So, if you want to be Hot Stuff, look no further than our list of natural fruit and vegetables to get you in the mood.
Aphrodisiacs are foods which are reported to increase libido and can be incorporated into any meal to get your lover in the mood. You could have a nice romantic dinner for two, or you could tie your lover up and feed them tasty morsels as part of your foreplay.

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