Extend Your Penis by 3 Inches With a Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve or penis sheath is a kind of penis extension that you put on your penis. A penis sleeve can transform your penis from a small to a large penis in a few seconds but there are a lot of other benefits.

Penis sleeve benefits:

  • Enlargement – It will enlarge your penis by up to 4 inches in length and you can get penis sleeves that specifically increase the girth of your penis if you’re looking for that.
  • Stay hard – A penis sleeve stays hard even when your penis is not which allows you to perform penetration sex.
  • Vibrating feature – Add vibrations to your penis with a special vibrating penis sleeve. This can kick things off in the bedroom when you turn on the vibrator in your penis sleeve.
  • Different external textures – You can get special penis sheaths that have a special texture on the outside which makes penetration sex feel much different depending on the sleeve/sheath you have on.
  • Avoid getting off too fast – You’re not getting the same kind of stimulation when you wear a penis sleeve which prolongs the time you can have sex before ejaculating.
  • Confidence booster – You can wear a penis sleeve under your pants and it can make your penis look huge which can be a huge turn-on and a real confidence booster. Some of the newer sleeves look very realistic to the point where you have to touch it to know that’s fake.

How do I use it?

It’s very easy to use a penis sleeve but there are a few things to keep in mind when putting it on depending on the size, shape, and material.

There are two types of penis sleeves; the first one simply sits on your shaft and it’s holding on by friction and vacuum, and the second one has a strap at the back which sits around your balls to create extra support and stability.

It’s important to use a water-based lube on both your penis and inside the sleeve before you put it on.

The best way to get a penis sleeve on is by squeezing out the air inside the sleeve with your fingers and pressing your penis inside while you release the squeezing. This will suck your penis in and you avoid an air pocket inside the sleeve.

Now it’s time to extend the ball strap (if you have one) with your fingers put it around your ball and press it up so it sits around the base of your ball sack.

Finding the Right Penis Sleeve

Getting the right penis sleeve can be a little tricky because it depends on a lot of variables including your penis size, your wallet size, and the features you wish.

Some penis sleeves can be cut to fit your penis in terms of length which is nice but those do not have a ball strap to keep it in place. I would suggest reading a penis sleeve guide if you want to be sure you get the right size and style.

William from Kinkycow has some great tips to share: “Penis sleeves can be a nightmare to put on, especially when you’re trying to keep an erection going. The best way is to apply lube inside the sleeve and then pinch the air out of the sleeve, this will create a small vacuum inside the sleeve which will pull your penis in when you penetrate it. You also avoid pockets of air inside it which isn’t ideal.”

Problems you Might Encounter When Using a Penis Sleeve

It’s unfortunately not all rainbows and sunshine with penis sleeves – There are problems that you should be aware of before getting your brand-new sleeve.

  • Reduced stimulation – You’ll feel reduced stimulation when you wear a penis sleeve and have sex. This is good if you wish to prolong your sex, but it can lead to a less hard erection if you use it for a long time and it can be hard to get an orgasm. Simply remove the sleeve if you have a hard time ejaculating.
  • It can fall off – A sleeve can fall off during sex if it’s not the right size, make sure you get the right size sleeve or one with a ball strap.
  • Too big – Using a too-big sleeve can cause pain when you’re penetrating your sex partner. Be realistic and get one that suits both of you.

Get the Mega Might Sleeve from LoveHoney

I’ve used several penis sleeves in the past and the sleeve where you get the best value is by far the Mega Might Sleeve series from Lovehoney.

It extends your penis by 3 inches and you can get it in 4 different skin tones and a clear version.

mega mighty penis sleeve

It can be yours for just $35 which is a steal compared to similar sleeves from brands like VixSkin.

You can buy it at lovehoney.com which I only had good experiences with.

In Conclusion

Penis sleeves are great sex toys that can benefit both you and your sex partner. There are only a few minor downsides to them but nothing that should prevent you from getting one.

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