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After some deliberation, Kinky Testers is up for sale. Our best intentions to rekindle the site have not been realised due to too many other commitments. As such, I’d like to pass the site on for someone else to take the site forward.

Kinky Testers still draws in a reasonable level of traffic and still generates a passive income,  albeit both less than it did when move active. The site utilises some custom WordPress plugins to pull affiliate data feeds to present best product prices. Sale will include the whole site, domain name, social media accounts, all custom code and design assets.

Please get in touch for more information if you’re interested.

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Quick Update From Kinky Testers

Things have been a bit slow around here lately. Sometimes real life just gets in the way, from summer holidays, day jobs, study and family – ultimately, all have to come first. With everything going on, it can be tough just finding time for ourselves to relax and enjoy one another’s company, let alone try out all manner of kinky apparatus and publish interesting reviews of it here. A sad state, as we do very much enjoy playing with our kinky apparatus. Apologies all for the lack of updates, but panic not, Kinky Testers isn’t disappearing any time soon, we will return very soon (at which point Ms Kinnk may well be a Dr. Kinnk).

In the meantime you will now find Ann Summers are in the Kinky Kompare sex toy price comparison search.

Oxballs Cock SlingAlso, check out ÜberKinky’s massive birthday celebrations this month, as we like ÜberKinky, a lot. This week they’re giving away a funky Oxballs Cock Sling (our review here) with every order over £75 (offer ends 7th Sept).

Stay horny and keep playing!

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Kinky Kompare Update

Things have been a little quiet lately over at Kinky Testers, study, day jobs and real life have been getting in the way somewhat. However, I do have some news for you, Kinky Kompare has been updated and now compares prices with Peepd, Play Kinky, Electro Delights, Forbidden Fruits and Easily Pleased. So you can be assured that you really are getting the best price for your toys.

We’ll be back with some more reviews very soon, please watch this space.

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ElectraStim Leather Spanking ElectraPaddle Review

ElectroStim ElectraPaddle in the handAt Kinky Testers we have been enjoying a number of electro-stimulation toys for some time now. However when we recently visited the Erotica show recently we stopped by the ElectraStim stand and discovered their brand new toy on the market, that stood out as something a little different. On the face of it we have a good solid leather paddle, no surprises so far. The paddle then has three metal plates on it, OK, fair enough, we’ve seen plenty of paddles with metal studs and other adornments. However on closer inspection you will notice in the base of the handle has two electrode sockets hidden away discreetly – Ooooh hello!

Yes, you guessed right, those metal plates are electrodes that can deliver a little electric shock to your submissive as you spank them. Interested? We certainly were and soon the credit card was handed over. The ElectraStim ElectraPaddle is packaged simply, just a plain box with a large image of the paddle within. No instructions are provided, not that any are really needed. Equally as obvious, you will require an electro-stim control box to connect the paddle too, which isn’t included. For our testing we used the ElectraStim Flick, which we reviewed previously. However the electrode connectors are of the standard 2mm variety, so you should be able to use many other controls boxes or TENS machines.

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Cocoa London Small Curved 24ct Gold Dildo Review

CocoaLondon Small Curved 24ct Gold DildoA 24ct gold dildo. Yep, you read that right. When we saw these on show at Erotica last year they certainly stood out. Super shiny, gold plated and presented in their own little wooden chest. So when Cocoa London asked us to review one of their products, we obviously jumped at the opportunity.

Roll on the knock on the door of our local Postie, thankfully handing me a non-descript package. Frantically opening it, I was presented with a small wooden box, with an ornately carved lid. Definitely not your run of the mill toy. I lifted the lid of the chest, half expecting to see a huge glow like some Pulp Fiction briefcase, inside was the beautiful gold dildo delicately sunk into a block of perfectly moulded foam. Snuggled in there, gleaming wonderfully, all shiny and reflecting back my cheesy grin.

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