Cocoa London Small Curved 24ct Gold Dildo Review

CocoaLondon Small Curved 24ct Gold DildoA 24ct gold dildo. Yep, you read that right. When we saw these on show at Erotica last year they certainly stood out. Super shiny, gold plated and presented in their own little wooden chest. So when Cocoa London asked us to review one of their products, we obviously jumped at the opportunity.

Roll on the knock on the door of our local Postie, thankfully handing me a non-descript package. Frantically opening it, I was presented with a small wooden box, with an ornately carved lid. Definitely not your run of the mill toy. I lifted the lid of the chest, half expecting to see a huge glow like some Pulp Fiction briefcase, inside was the beautiful gold dildo delicately sunk into a block of perfectly moulded foam. Snuggled in there, gleaming wonderfully, all shiny and reflecting back my cheesy grin.

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California Exotics/Dr. Joel Silicone Prostate Locator Massager Review

CalExotics-Prostate-Massager-4For you guys that think the prostate is just the source of problems in later life, then please read on. For you guys that know the prostate can be the source of much pleasure, then please read on too. Under review we have the an innocent and dinky looking black silicone dildo from California Exotics. Designed as the ideal prostate massager for all guys who desire a little more than just penis stimulation.

This Prostate Locator was produced by California Exotics and has been endorsed by Dr Joel Kaplan, the clever men’s sexual health chap. It’s not clear what involvement Dr Joel had, or whether he did nothing more than just stick his name on it. Who knows? TBH I couldn’t care less if it was endorsed by Donkey Kong, so long as the product is good. So, lets crack on and find out.

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We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator Review

We-Vibe 4At Erotica, Mr Kinnk and I were lucky enough to get our mitts on one of the new We-Vibe 4. With our We-Vibe 2 still getting regular use, we were eager to see what advances two iterations had brought. This new and improved version features a remote control, a very neat and discreet charging unit and several new design features which make it easier and more pleasurable to use.

All of the We-Vibe couples vibrators are designed to be worn whilst having sex, so as well as the woman feeling direct clitoral and G-spot stimulation, the penetrating partner can also feel the vibrations on the shaft of his penis.

The We-Vibe 4 has been redesigned with a curved narrow C shape, and is stiffer than the We-Vibe 2, which reduces any annoying shifting about during sex. The We-Vibe 4 is also slightly smaller in size than the We-Vibe 2 which hugs the woman’s body. The vibrating areas of the We-Vibe 4 remain a similar size however to the We-Vibe 2.

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We-Vibe 4 – First Impressions

We-Vibe 4Whilst at Erotica a few weeks ago, Ms Kinnk and myself saw the brand new We-Vibe 4 first hand, fresh from the factory and featuring many updates, tweaks and improvements. Not that previous incarnations were particularly bad, but it’s good to see We-Vibe are not resting on their laurels. As owners of the We-Vibe 2, we were intrigued and couldn’t resist picking one up to play with and review for you all.

Best laid plans and all that. After only having chance to try the new We-Vibe a couple of times, illness struck the household. Sex with sore throats, snotty noses and ear infections just ain’t sexy. 🙁 Nonetheless Ms Kinnk and myself are now back on form and Ms Kinnk promises a full detailed write up in the very near future. In the meantime, let me run you through some of the key new features.

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Touch of Glass Dimple Twist Dildo Review

Touch O fGlass -  Dimple Twist DildoBeautiful.

Glass sex toys are definitely the most elegant and beautiful out there. I always adore the way light reflects and refracts through them, and the dappled caustic light effects they cause that remind me of rippling water. This Touch of Glass dildo has all these characteristics and even more beauty. Definitely the best looking toy in our collection. This example we acquired in a recent competition held by John D Stories, a tremendous stroke of luck, but also a great opportunity for us to put it through it’s paces and report back for you all.

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