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We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator Review

We-Vibe 4At Erotica, Mr Kinnk and I were lucky enough to get our mitts on one of the new We-Vibe 4. With our We-Vibe 2 still getting regular use, we were eager to see what advances two iterations had brought. This new and improved version features a remote control, a very neat and discreet charging unit and several new design features which make it easier and more pleasurable to use.

All of the We-Vibe couples vibrators are designed to be worn whilst having sex, so as well as the woman feeling direct clitoral and G-spot stimulation, the penetrating partner can also feel the vibrations on the shaft of his penis.

The We-Vibe 4 has been redesigned with a curved narrow C shape, and is stiffer than the We-Vibe 2, which reduces any annoying shifting about during sex. The We-Vibe 4 is also slightly smaller in size than the We-Vibe 2 which hugs the woman’s body. The vibrating areas of the We-Vibe 4 remain a similar size however to the We-Vibe 2.

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Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs Review

Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs closeupThis is a belated review for a lovely Easter present that Mr Kinnk got for me, The Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs. The eggs are smooth clear glass with pink swirls running through them. As objects on their own they would make pretty objects on a mantle piece and nobody could guess what they are supposed to be used for.

The eggs are designed to be inserted into the vagina where the clenching required to keep them in place trains the pelvic floor. Every woman should practice pelvic floor exercises, they are especially beneficial after childbirth. As well as keeping the waterworks under control, strengthening the pelvic floor means that you can grip your lover’s penis more tightly, making sex more pleasurable for you both.

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Kinky Cinema: The Pet

The Pet Film 2006This is my review for The Pet directed by D Stevens. My God. Where do I begin. Mr Kinnk bought this, assuring me I’d love it. Hmm, without wanting to be disrespectful to my lovely Sir, this film is awful. Just excretable. It claims to be a story about submissives who want to be pets. Apparently, this is a ‘lifestyle’ film that explores the unconditional submission of those who choose to be pets, and conflates it with the very real human problem of slave trafficking. ‘Pets’ (read: nubile young women) are sold as pet slaves/ human organ sources and there is a Global Slave Market which is run from a shack in the snowy wilderness. Occasionally,  a medical van turns up with a couple of God-awful badly acted Hick types who come to take bought slaves away, brand them and nick their vital organs. I was just waiting for them to declare the girl was ‘purdy’.

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Kinky Cinema: Story of O

Well, it has been a while since we watched The Story of O, and in the name of Kinky Cinema Mr Kinnk and I decided it was time to review what has become a classic of kinky cinema.

The film of the Story of O is based upon the book Histoire d’O by Anne Desclos who wrote under the pseudonym of Pauline Réage in 1954. Interestingly, she kept her authorship secret until 1994, 4 years before her death. The film was released in 1975 and banned in the UK by the British Board of Film Classification until 2000. It was directed by Just Jaeckin, who also directed Emmanuelle. Continue reading “Kinky Cinema: Story of O” »

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