Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs Review

Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs closeupThis is a belated review for a lovely Easter present that Mr Kinnk got for me, The Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs. The eggs are smooth clear glass with pink swirls running through them. As objects on their own they would make pretty objects on a mantle piece and nobody could guess what they are supposed to be used for.

The eggs are designed to be inserted into the vagina where the clenching required to keep them in place trains the pelvic floor. Every woman should practice pelvic floor exercises, they are especially beneficial after childbirth. As well as keeping the waterworks under control, strengthening the pelvic floor means that you can grip your lover’s penis more tightly, making sex more pleasurable for you both.

Crystal-Glass-Kegel-Eggs-1Initially the manufacturers recommend using these eggs for short periods of time, until you have built up your stamina. Smaller and heavier eggs require more effort to hold. These eggs are on the smallish end of the scale, with a length of just 4.5cm, and weighing in at 34g each. Some users might find it disconcerting to insert eggs without strings to retrieve them. However, it is quite easy to retrieve them by bearing down and then you should feel them and be able to pull them out.

The finish on the eggs is very high, they are super smooth glass and could be warmed or cooled in water to add some spice to some play. Or you could take a trip out with the eggs in, with just your lover sharing your secret! All in all, they are lovely and make pelvic floor exercises a pleasure.

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