Cocoa London Small Curved 24ct Gold Dildo Review

CocoaLondon Small Curved 24ct Gold DildoA 24ct gold dildo. Yep, you read that right. When we saw these on show at Erotica last year they certainly stood out. Super shiny, gold plated and presented in their own little wooden chest. So when Cocoa London asked us to review one of their products, we obviously jumped at the opportunity.

Roll on the knock on the door of our local Postie, thankfully handing me a non-descript package. Frantically opening it, I was presented with a small wooden box, with an ornately carved lid. Definitely not your run of the mill toy. I lifted the lid of the chest, half expecting to see a huge glow like some Pulp Fiction briefcase, inside was the beautiful gold dildo delicately sunk into a block of perfectly moulded foam. Snuggled in there, gleaming wonderfully, all shiny and reflecting back my cheesy grin.

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Touch of Glass Dimple Twist Dildo Review

Touch O fGlass -  Dimple Twist DildoBeautiful.

Glass sex toys are definitely the most elegant and beautiful out there. I always adore the way light reflects and refracts through them, and the dappled caustic light effects they cause that remind me of rippling water. This Touch of Glass dildo has all these characteristics and even more beauty. Definitely the best looking toy in our collection. This example we acquired in a recent competition held by John D Stories, a tremendous stroke of luck, but also a great opportunity for us to put it through it’s paces and report back for you all.

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Cock Locker Inflatable Butt Plug Review

Cock-Locker-Inflatable-Butt-PlugI’ve always wanted to try an inflatable butt plug, something about the idea of pumping it up and up to fill you up has always appealed.

We purchased this Cock Locker inflatable butt plug from Lovehoney, who delivered it promptly in their usual discreet packaging. The butt plug itself didn’t have any fancy packaging, just a simple clear poly bag and no instructions. No problem there, it is pretty self explanatory how it works and what you do with it!

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Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs Review

Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs closeupThis is a belated review for a lovely Easter present that Mr Kinnk got for me, The Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs. The eggs are smooth clear glass with pink swirls running through them. As objects on their own they would make pretty objects on a mantle piece and nobody could guess what they are supposed to be used for.

The eggs are designed to be inserted into the vagina where the clenching required to keep them in place trains the pelvic floor. Every woman should practice pelvic floor exercises, they are especially beneficial after childbirth. As well as keeping the waterworks under control, strengthening the pelvic floor means that you can grip your lover’s penis more tightly, making sex more pleasurable for you both.

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ÜberKinky Classic Electrostim Pleasure Probe Review

Periprobe Classic Electrostim CloseupOur adventures in electrostim continues with this Periprobe dildo from ÜberKinky. We ordered this at the same time as the Anuform butt plug we reviewed recently and have had some interesting times testing the two together.

Like the Anuform butt plug, this Periprobe came with minimal packaging, just a small clear bag and an instruction pamphlet. It too was originally designed for treating incontinence, by stimulating the pelvic muscles. However don’t let this put you off, a good deal of fun can be had, whether you enjoy a medical fetish or not. Although branded as ÜberKinky, the probe is manufactured by BEAC of Italy and carries the name Periprobe Classica.

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