ÜberKinky Classic Electrostim Pleasure Probe Review

Our adventures in electrostim continues with this Periprobe dildo from ÜberKinky. We ordered this at the same time as the Anuform butt plug we reviewed recently and have had some interesting times testing the two together.

Periprobe Classic Electrostim

Like the Anuform butt plug, this Periprobe came with minimal packaging, just a small clear bag and an instruction pamphlet. It too was originally designed for treating incontinence, by stimulating the pelvic muscles.

However, don’t let this put you off, a good deal of fun can be had, whether you enjoy a medical fetish or not. Although branded as ÜberKinky, the probe is manufactured by BEAC of Italy and carries the name Periprobe Classica.

The probe is constructed from solid white plastic, with two narrow metal electrodes that go half way around the probe’s circumference. From one end two wires trail out that terminate with standard 2mm sockets.

There is no flared end, so anal use is not recommended, lest it gets lost. The body of the probe is 12cm long and 2.5cm in diameter at its widest. It has two electrode rings that go half way around its circumference, one is 15mm wide, the other just 10mm wide. No Nickel or Chromium has been used, the electrodes are ‘gold’, plated presume.

Either way, good news for those with allergies. Build quality appears very good with extra reinforcement where the cables join, good news in case you tug these wires to remove it.

Periprobe Classic Electrostim review

When it comes to electro play, it is important to understand how different parts of the bodies are more sensitive than others. An electric current that can hardly be perceived on your palm, can give excruciating pain on your submissives genitals.

When using this probe vaginally we found that internally a greater intensity was pleasurable, but the same intensity was painful on the labia and clit.

This fact proved tricky when penetrating with the probe in and out. The electrodes work best internally, but were not good for applying externally. On its own the probe doesn’t provide enough stimulation on its own to bring on climax, but still a great toy to provide extra and new stimulation during oral sex and other foreplay.

Turning up the intensity, the probe can deliver quite a shock, that will make your submissive jump and yelp. If you have you submissive all trussed up for a long bondage session, leaving this probe in place could give you some fun opportunities to both surprise them and keep them ticking over.

But remember that an electric shock can cause muscle spasm against bondage that maybe more painful than intended.

My final conclusion of the ÜberKinky Classic Electrostim Pleasure Probe Review

In conclusion, we liked this probe, we always enjoy trying something new. However, when out for pure pleasure, we’d probably opt for another toy. To add a little pain to a scene it has a lot going for it.

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