ElectraStim Leather Spanking ElectraPaddle Review

ElectroStim ElectraPaddle in the handAt Kinky Testers we have been enjoying a number of electro-stimulation toys for some time now. However when we recently visited the Erotica show recently we stopped by the ElectraStim stand and discovered their brand new toy on the market, that stood out as something a little different. On the face of it we have a good solid leather paddle, no surprises so far. The paddle then has three metal plates on it, OK, fair enough, we’ve seen plenty of paddles with metal studs and other adornments. However on closer inspection you will notice in the base of the handle has two electrode sockets hidden away discreetly – Ooooh hello!

Yes, you guessed right, those metal plates are electrodes that can deliver a little electric shock to your submissive as you spank them. Interested? We certainly were and soon the credit card was handed over. The ElectraStim ElectraPaddle is packaged simply, just a plain box with a large image of the paddle within. No instructions are provided, not that any are really needed. Equally as obvious, you will require an electro-stim control box to connect the paddle too, which isn’t included. For our testing we used the ElectraStim Flick, which we reviewed previously. However the electrode connectors are of the standard 2mm variety, so you should be able to use many other controls boxes or TENS machines.

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ElectraStim Flick EM60 Electro Stimulation Machine Review

ElectraStim-EM60-Flick-2Not so long ago we reviewed a number of electro stimulation products here at Kinky Testers, all rather interesting and facilitated some fun and interesting play sessions. A couple of months ago, by total fluke I managed to win this ElectraStim Flick EM60 (along with a separate probe) in a competition. Not bad going at all! So it’s only fitting that after a few weeks of testing we review it here.

Packaging and presentation of the ElectraStim is top notch, more akin to the latest greatest smart phone. In fact dimensions wise, it’s not too dissimilar to an iPhone. In the box, you get the EM60 control unit, a cable to connect to your stimulation pads or probe, two pairs of sticky stimulation pads, a USB charging cable, a little pouch and some instructions. It features an internal rechargeable battery, giving 6 hours of charge and mini USB charging socket. There are 24 intensity levels, 7 pulse patterns and a motion sensing ‘flick’ operation mode, but more on that later. The EM60 has just one output socket, with an accessory cable with two standard 2mm plugs, to which you can attach the supplied pads or any other electrostim probe that takes your fancy. Other models further up the range do sport dual outputs. The design of the control unit is very slick, smart and well thought out. For example the buttons are water proof and won’t get excessive lube embedded under them.

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ÜberKinky Classic Electrostim Pleasure Probe Review

Periprobe Classic Electrostim CloseupOur adventures in electrostim continues with this Periprobe dildo from ÜberKinky. We ordered this at the same time as the Anuform butt plug we reviewed recently and have had some interesting times testing the two together.

Like the Anuform butt plug, this Periprobe came with minimal packaging, just a small clear bag and an instruction pamphlet. It too was originally designed for treating incontinence, by stimulating the pelvic muscles. However don’t let this put you off, a good deal of fun can be had, whether you enjoy a medical fetish or not. Although branded as ÜberKinky, the probe is manufactured by BEAC of Italy and carries the name Periprobe Classica.

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Neen Anuform Anal Electrostim Probe Review

Anuform Anal ElectrocStim Probe CloseupWho would have thought our old TENS machine would get so much use? After discovering the selection of electro-stimulation probes and attachments over at ÜberKinky, the sparks have quite literally, not stopped flying.

What we have here is a small butt plug with metal electrodes down two sides. These trail off with a short cable terminating in a pair of standard 2mm sockets. These can then be plugged into almost any TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) of electrostim controller you have. When switched on, a low frequency current is passed to the electrodes, which depending on intensity can produce anything from a light tingling sensation though to inducing muscle movement.

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ElectroStim, Femme TENS Machine Review

Femme TENS Electrostim MachineThis Femme TENS machine is one we’ve owned for a while, having initially purchased it for labour. At the time, the price difference between buying and hiring a TENS machine was minimal, making it somewhat a no-brainer. Of course, now that childbirth is (thankfully) a distant memory, it’s other uses have been occupying us somewhat. 😉

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