California Exotics/Dr. Joel Silicone Prostate Locator Massager Review

CalExotics-Prostate-Massager-4For you guys that think the prostate is just the source of problems in later life, then please read on. For you guys that know the prostate can be the source of much pleasure, then please read on too. Under review we have the an innocent and dinky looking black silicone dildo from California Exotics. Designed as the ideal prostate massager for all guys who desire a little more than just penis stimulation.

This Prostate Locator was produced by California Exotics and has been endorsed by Dr Joel Kaplan, the clever men’s sexual health chap. It’s not clear what involvement Dr Joel had, or whether he did nothing more than just stick his name on it. Who knows? TBH I couldn’t care less if it was endorsed by Donkey Kong, so long as the product is good. So, lets crack on and find out.

CalExotics-Prostate-Massager-1Packaging is minimal, just a basic blister pack, with some non-sexual and fluffy artwork, big fluffy clouds. Through the packaging you can see the actual product, leaving it to sell itself. No complaints thus far. Ripping it open and I’m holding a rather dinky little black silicone dildo with a distinctive ring at one end. Made from quality food-grade silicone and with a nice smooth non-porous finish and free from latex and phthalates; all good stuff. Under initial impressions, it appears rather small, measuring in at just 12cm long and a 3cm diameter at it’s widest point (near the base). However when it comes to the ass, don’t be too hasty many newbies jump to huge dildos and butt plugs from the off and wonder why they’re hard going and/or painful. Don’t run before you can walk, always start small and work up.

So, out comes the lube, a nice water based one is recommended, a good smothering all over the Prostate Locator and then a spot more on my anus. It slides in with ease, it’s diminutive size causes no obstacles. The ring piece at it’s base is a great way to take hold of it, as once lubed up it can be too slippery to grip. Around the middle of the shaft it is narrower, so my anus naturally rests around this part, until I use the ring to push it in and pull it out as I try to hit my prostate where it feels so good.

CalExotics-Prostate-Massager-2I tended to use the Prostate Locator in conjunction with pleasuring myself in other ways, thus one hand in front and one reaching around. Oddly I found reaching round and manipulating the Prostate Locator really awkward whilst lying down, it was a struggle to get the motion that hit the spot. When standing or kneeling it was much easier. The thin ring of silicone at one end for putting your finger in works surprising well, but stretches far more than one would expect when more vigorous. I kept thinking it would just ping and snap, but it has held up fine, must be stronger than it appears. The bigger problem was the thinness of it’s shaft, leaving it very flexible. With it bending in the middle so easily, it can be difficult to really prod your prostate, ultimately just tickling it lightly. The thin shaft also means there is almost no stimulation around the anus and no feeling of being filled. It is still pleasurable and stimulating, but no where near as intense, filling or stimulating as other more rigid toys I have used.


Summing up, the CalExotics Dr. Joel Prostate Locator is marketed as a basic beginner toy and on that pretext it works well. Not because it’s cheap and crappy, but a beginner toy because it’s small enough for anal virgins and because its’s flexible enough to let you explore safely, before moving onto other toys in search of more intense experiences. That said, it is also a very reasonably priced toy and good quality too. As such it gets a thumbs up here at Kinky Testers.

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