California Exotics/Dr. Joel Silicone Prostate Locator Massager Review

CalExotics-Prostate-Massager-4For you guys that think the prostate is just the source of problems in later life, then please read on. For you guys that know the prostate can be the source of much pleasure, then please read on too. Under review we have the an innocent and dinky looking black silicone dildo from California Exotics. Designed as the ideal prostate massager for all guys who desire a little more than just penis stimulation.

This Prostate Locator was produced by California Exotics and has been endorsed by Dr Joel Kaplan, the clever men’s sexual health chap. It’s not clear what involvement Dr Joel had, or whether he did nothing more than just stick his name on it. Who knows? TBH I couldn’t care less if it was endorsed by Donkey Kong, so long as the product is good. So, lets crack on and find out.

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