Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope Review

When it comes to bondage, rope is one of the first things many of us try on those early kinky forays before getting hooked.

It’s easy to come by, everyone can tie a basic granny knot and it’s satisfyingly effective. From these humble beginnings, with a little time, patience, dedication one can explore the amazing art of Shibari – the ancient Japanese technique of rope bondage.

Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope

Part art form, part fetish, a medium for the skilled to display their knot work and constrain their subject in strict bondage.

One of the first things you learn when first attempting some basic Shibari knots, is you need a lot of rope. A lot of long pieces of rope. Our early bondage attempts revolved around four 2m lengths to tie one another down spread eagled on the bed.

Such lengths simply won’t get your far with Shibari, where you often need lengths of at least 10m. Which is exactly where this Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Japanese silk rope comes in.

Who is the Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope for?

Submitted for review by ÜberKinky and aimed squarely at beginners, (from a presentation point of view), it’s a box with a 10.5m length of black silk rope inside, 8mm thick (that’s 35′ long, 1/4″ thick for you old school readers).

Perfect to get you started.

But where do you start?

Unfortunately, no helpful guides are included with this Pipedream rope. However, you can find a great Rope Bondage Guide over at ÜberKinky with some great first knots to try and some important safety advice.

Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope review


How is the rope quality?

A little freebie that was supplied in the box, is a basic blind fold, made from nylon. It does the job, but is not the best.

The rope itself is available in a number of color options; white, black, purple, pink and red. Pipedream also sell it in other lengths too.

Now this product is labelled as Japanese Silk rope, however it is neither Japanese or Silk. The box describes it of Chinese origin and made from Cotton.

However, the Pipedream website confusingly labels it as Polyester. A quick burn test would suggest it is indeed synthetic, most likely MFP (Multi-filament Polypropylene). Quite what Trading Standards would have to say about that product labelling is another matter…

Even so, MFP is no bad thing, it is cheap, has low stretch properties and doesn’t absorb much moisture, making it ideal for bondage. However, it is not recommended for suspension play, but neither would I recommend that to beginners, or in fact anyone who hasn’t been shown the ropes by someone experienced.

Does the Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope work?

In use the rope worked well and we had a lot of fun trying out different knots. With so many helpful guides and videos online walking you through new knots, we’re still learning much.

I would definitely recommend learning new knots out at your leisure, to avoid fumbling around trying to work them out and ruining the flow of a scene.

My only slight criticism would be the diameter is a little small, with the rope quite thin, it can be tricky to line up such that it doesn’t overlap.

My final conclusion of the Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope

In conclusion, despite this rope not being Japanese or silk, KinkyTesters can nevertheless recommend it to all those wishing to try their hand at Shibari.

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