Tenga 3D Polygon Review

Buy the Tenga 3D Polygon from LovehoneyI always love the design of Tenga products, their sleek, minimal aesthetics that to the untrained eye give no indication of their true function. This very much holds true for this TENGA 3D Polygon male masturbator, modelled as piece of abstract geometric modern art sculpture, mounted in it’s own display case. It could easily be mistaken as some novelty from a gadget shop, alongside a Newton’s cradle and Rubik’s cube.

I actually received this Tenga 3D Polygon as a prize in a competition run by Insatiable Desire a few weeks ago, which was a wonderful stroke of luck. Nevertheless I still put this wibbly-wobbly white marble-like sculpture to the test. It proved especially handy over the last couple of weeks as Ms Kinnk has been ill and not in an amorous mood. What else is a frustrated guy supposed to do?!

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Testing Sex Toys, Not Always Sexy

Toy Cleaning FleshlightsReviewing sex toys may on the face of it appear to be the perfect job, sexy, fun and plenty of kicks for the horny. And yes, at times it is, however it does come with its chores. The being one being cleaning…

With so many toys passing through our hands for testing, each needing to be tried in a multitude of different manners and then compared back and too with older favourite and reference toys, it is inevitable a lot of cleaning is required. A task that should never be skipped over, lest your toys end up pretty covered in crud (gross!), possibly degrade and at worst cause future infections. At the end of the day, UTI’s are even less sexy than cleaning toys.

Above is a shot following some recent testing of Fleshlight’s drying off in the bath. Easier enough to clean, but they do benefit from air drying to ensure the inside is not left damp.

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Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal Review

Fleshlight Ice Lady VaginaFlashlight are to male sex toys what Gillette are to male grooming products. They are synonymous and the standard all other brands try to compete with. The entire Fleshlight range is made up of variations of a tried, tested and very successful formula. A male stroking tube, with unique soft flesh like SuperSkin central tube mounted in a hard plastic case. The variation lies in the textured pattern on the inside of the flesh tube and orifice presented at the end, vagina, mouth, or anus.

With the Ice Lady, Fleshlight have now varied the colour too. Moving away from a life like flesh tone, the Ice Lady is semi transparent as though forged from a block of ice. The orifice is still a realistically shaped vagina with accurate labia and clitoris. All in all resembling a sordid ice sculpture intended for pleasure and voyeurism alike.

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The Summer’s Hottest Sex Toys

The Key to Jopen PyxisSummer is a time for exploration, freedom and minimal clothing. You find yourself sleeping less, doing more, traveling every weekend and in a constant state of arousal. Maybe it’s the heat, the fact you’re always sweating or maybe it’s just that sexy, new fling you’ve nailed down for the hottest months of the year? Whatever it is, you wanna get it on. In effort to help you explore your fling, yourself and the amazingness of summer, I have compiled a list of Adam & Eve’s newest sex toys. Check em out and let us know which ones sound fun to you!

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Cock Locker Inflatable Butt Plug Review

Cock-Locker-Inflatable-Butt-PlugI’ve always wanted to try an inflatable butt plug, something about the idea of pumping it up and up to fill you up has always appealed.

We purchased this Cock Locker inflatable butt plug from Lovehoney, who delivered it promptly in their usual discreet packaging. The butt plug itself didn’t have any fancy packaging, just a simple clear poly bag and no instructions. No problem there, it is pretty self explanatory how it works and what you do with it!

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