The Summer’s Hottest Sex Toys

The Key to Jopen PyxisSummer is a time for exploration, freedom and minimal clothing. You find yourself sleeping less, doing more, traveling every weekend and in a constant state of arousal. Maybe it’s the heat, the fact you’re always sweating or maybe it’s just that sexy, new fling you’ve nailed down for the hottest months of the year? Whatever it is, you wanna get it on. In effort to help you explore your fling, yourself and the amazingness of summer, I have compiled a list of Adam & Eve’s newest sex toys. Check em out and let us know which ones sound fun to you!

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Desire and Pleasure Launch ‘Sexy’ Health Check Week

sexylogo-recolourDesire and Pleasure the online sex toy website run by sexual health charity FPA, have today launched ‘Sexy Health Check Week’ a campaign aimed at encouraging couples to make health checks an every day part of a their sex lives to help keep their partner healthy.

Sexual partners are in a great position to spot changes in their lover’s body no matter how big or small.

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When It Comes To Adult Accessories, Does Designer Mean Better?



There’s evidence to suggest that sex toys have been around in some shape or form for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans were known to carve dildos from glass, wood, leather and even animal horns (yikes!), while the concept of self-pleasure was developed quite significantly in Renaissance Italy with the production of large, exaggerated ‘olisboses’, which came complete with a set of oversized testicles. The first ever ‘vibrator’, which was powered by steam and was said to treat bouts of ‘hysteria’ amongst women in Victorian times, was developed by Dr George Taylor as early as 1869, though the first electric plug-in toys can actually be seen in porn movies from the early 20th century.

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Have The Perfect Date Night In

Perfect Date Night InIf you and your other half never seem to get the chance to go out and treat yourselves for a date night, why not treat yourselves in the home for a date night? For whatever reason, you may not have the time or the money to be going out on a date; it can be rather horrible missing out. So instead of missing out any more, why don’t you create the perfect romantic night in and have a date there instead? It may not seem that romantic when you first think about it, but you can make a night in extremely special. Follow these tips and you will be surprised by what a great night in you can have.

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How To Keep the Spark Alive In Your Marriage

keeping-marriage-spark-aliveAs the years go by and life continues to get busier and busier, many couples neglecting their marriages. Whether it be children or careers that demand most of their attention, their relationship is often put on the back burner and the flame begins diminishing. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

By putting in effort to keep your marriage front and centre, it’s easier than it seems to keep the spark alive.

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