Have The Perfect Date Night In

If you and your other half never seem to get the chance to go out and treat yourselves for a date night, why not treat yourselves in the home for a date night?

For whatever reason, you may not have the time or the money to be going out on a date; it can be rather horrible missing out. So instead of missing out any more, why don’t you create the perfect romantic night in and have a date there instead?

It may not seem that romantic when you first think about it, but you can make a night in extremely special. Follow these tips and you will be surprised by what a great night in you can have.


You should prepare for your date well ahead of time, get your home looking spick and span so that nothing will annoy during your night.

The last thing you want to be doing is tidying up when you are trying to enjoy yourself. Get rid of all the clutter and pop it all away for another day. This way you will feel more relaxed when you are trying to enjoy your night in.


Perfect Date Night In

Instead of creating something that you would usually have for dinner, or grabbing something out of packet, make a special dinner which you will both love. Make it extra special and create a three course menu for you and your loved one.

The dinner will be the main part of your date night in so you are going to want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. To make it feel like a proper date night out, why not get some luxury paper and pens and write your three courses on the paper. This will just add to your night and will make it feel more special.

Set The Scene

Don’t go and eat your special dinner in front of the television as you usually would, instead set up your dining table for your special meal. Get a luxurious table cloth and place out the cutlery on the table for your fabulous meal. You should decorate the table with beautiful tealight holders so that you can light some candles during your meal.

A nice idea is to get lots of candles and place them all around the dining room, and then switch the light off. If you have plenty of candles they will light up the room perfectly and will create a romantic ambience.


You will need to tell your other half that you want them to dress up ready for your date tonight; you should both put in an effort for your evening in. Don’t just turn up to the dining room table in your pyjamas. If you don’t feel like you look special, your evening won’t feel as special.

Jenny works full time and doesn’t have as much time as she would like spending it on her home.

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