When It Comes To Adult Accessories, Does Designer Mean Better?

lelo monaThere’s evidence to suggest that sex toys have been around in some shape or form for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans were known to carve dildos from glass, wood, leather and even animal horns (yikes!), while the concept of self-pleasure was developed quite significantly in Renaissance Italy with the production of large, exaggerated ‘olisboses’, which came complete with a set of oversized testicles.

The first ever ‘vibrator’, which was powered by steam and was said to treat bouts of ‘hysteria’ amongst women in Victorian times, was developed by Dr George Taylor as early as 1869, though the first electric plug-in toys can actually be seen in porn movies from the early 20th century.

It seems that, as the centuries passed, ladies became ever-keener to satisfy their own needs – in fact, a study carried out by Alfred Kinsey in 1949 found that 20% of the women he interviewed had used some kind of everyday object to help them achieve orgasm.

Surprisingly, he discovered that a large percentage of ladies were keen to explore themselves with anything they could get their hands on, whether it be a phallic-looking vegetable or a wax candle.

Clearly, there’s always been a demand for sexual gratification, even amongst civilizations that didn’t perhaps quite understand the unique power of a good, strong orgasm. But as society has become more intelligent and sophisticated, so have our sex toys!

The Designer Sex Toy Explosion

leaf bloomTo establish whether designer sex toys are really all they’re cracked up to be, it’s important to take a look at how these ‘luxury’ sex toys have evolved in modern times. It’s no secret that the adult industry flourished in the ‘60s (during what many like to call the ‘sexual revolution’), but it wasn’t until the 1980s that toys were introduced to the mainstream market.

Whilst dildos had traditionally been made of hard, uncomfortable and often unsafe materials such as wood and metal, manufacturers soon began experimenting with softer plastics to create products that could deliver a more comfortable and realistic experience for the user.

And this new found niche opened up a previously unconsidered marketplace for a number of designers who found they had a great knack for developing high-end sex products. Companies such as Jimmyjane, Leaf, LELO and CRAVE began to spring up across the globe and quickly began competing for the attention of women (and men) that were crying out for realistic yet intensely stimulating dildos and vibrators.

So, What’s Better About Designer Dildos and Vibrators?

Unlike the everyday sex toy manufacturers who simply want to take worn-out designs and flog them to the masses, these companies actually listen to what customers have to say.

They’ve addressed common design flaws, such as unsatisfying shapes and noisy battery cages, and worked hard to develop products that meet real needs. When you buy a designer dildo or vibrator, you’re investing in a product that has been highly researched and thoroughly tested – in short, only the most innovative products will leave the shelves of a design house with a great reputation.

However, the best thing about designer toys, in our opinion, is the sheer variety on offer. The adult industry can be notoriously lucrative for luxury toy designers, especially those who are sitting on a cutting-edge idea, but with the opportunity to make a good living comes a great deal of competition from other manufacturers who are also keen to pick up their fair share of the market. The fierce rivalry between the best-loved companies has led to a design frenzy that has been heavily welcomed by those with a penchant for experimenting with new bedroom accessories.

These companies have been forced to understand that every adult, whether male or female, has their own individual needs, and they now base their design model on the fact that everyone responds differently to their products.

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