Tenga 3D Polygon Review

I always love the design of Tenga products, their sleek, minimal aesthetics that to the untrained eye give no indication of their true function.

This very much holds true for this TENGA 3D Polygon male masturbator, modelled as piece of abstract geometric modern art sculpture, mounted in its own display case.

Tenga 3D Polygon in displaycase

It could easily be mistaken as some novelty from a gadget shop, alongside a Newton’s cradle and Rubik’s cube.

I actually received this Tenga 3D Polygon as a prize in a competition run by Insatiable Desire a few weeks ago, which was a wonderful stroke of luck.

Nevertheless, I still put this wibbly-wobbly white marble-like sculpture to the test. It proved especially handy over the last couple of weeks as Ms. Kinnk has been ill and not in an amorous mood.

What else is a frustrated guy supposed to do?!

Let’s take a look at the price and size

Normal retail price is around £33/$50 (at time of writing), which places it firmly below that of a Fleshlight. There, I’ve said it, the de-facto reference to compare all male strokers against.

Besides the obvious styling differences the other key thing is the size, the Polygon is much smaller measuring up at 11.5cm long and with a diameter of 5cm.

It is however very stretchy and flexible, so I see no reason why it shouldn’t cater for all sizes of penis.

What’s in the Tenga 3D box?

Unpacking is a case of simply untapping the Perspex cover and removing it, then sliding the Polygon off its supporting pole.

tenga 3d polygon review

That’s right, the base has a tall plastic pole sticking up that keeps the Polygon erect for display. Pulling the Polygon off this pedestal is a little fiddly, as the soft material appears delicate (probably more so than it really is).

Be careful though, the top of the plastic pedestal came away the first time and had to fished out of the Polygon, it did simply pop back on though.

The soft material of the Polygon is a special anti-bacterial elastomer, which doesn’t give much away. To touch it feels not too dissimilar to silicone, it’s soft, squidgy and very flexible. It’s also free from latex and phthalates.

Let’s give it a try

Before use the Polygon needs turning inside out, so that the geometric angled surface is on the inside and can stimulate you.

Inside out, it’s appearance is a fairly non-de-script cylindrical shape with two slight bulges at either end framing your fist as you take hold of it.

Tenga 3D Polygon inside out

Obviously, some lube is required to get things moving, any good water-based lube will work fine. Once slightly aroused I could slide my penis in with little resistance, the stretchy Polygon accommodated me with ease, until I started pushing deep into it, where upon a pocket of air at the end started to balloon.

This proved to be a mild hindrance, hindering each stroke and as it ballooned up at the end, leaving little of the Polygon in contact with the sensitive end of my penis. I was able to expel some of the excess air by sliding my finger inside, which triggered some comedy squelching noises, but did help keep the end of penis stimulated.

However, I can’t help but return to comparisons with the Fleshlight and its design as a tube open at both ends.

The angular design of the Polygon is certainly distinctive, but in action, the material is so soft and flexible they are difficult to distinguish.

That is not to say that the Polygon is not enjoyable, it is stimulating and pleasurable, definitely preferable over going au naturel. The geometric design obvious stimulates well, but I couldn’t make out individual ridges.

Tenga 3d polygon texture

Remember to clean the Tenga 3D Polygon after each session

Cleaning is a breeze, it just needs flipping the right way around again, a rinse under the tap, ideally with a little anti-bacterial cleaner and then it just needs drying.

Which is where the display case and pedestal comes into play, as it is the perfect design to allow air to circulate inside and even has a hollow in the base to catch drips.

The anti-bacterial nature of the elastomer should also keep it free from bugs too. When it comes to cleaning, the fact one end of the tube is closed is actually an advantage, as it prevents spunk leaking out as you nip off to the bathroom.

My final conclusion of the Tenga 3D Polygon review

To conclude, the Tenga 3D Polygon is a fun little toy. I really liked the design, the dimensions are just right; small enough to remain discreet, big enough to function well.

The price point is well placed, it may not be on par with a Fleshlight, but at over a third cheaper it still remains good value.

The only really negative point was the air ballooning up at the end, and since this can be released, it is by no means a show stopper.

I recommend the Tenga 3D Polygon if you want a small none-Fleshlight male masturbator at a budget friendly price.

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