Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs Review

Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs closeupThis is a belated review for a lovely Easter present that Mr Kinnk got for me, The Crystal Glass Kegel Eggs. The eggs are smooth clear glass with pink swirls running through them. As objects on their own they would make pretty objects on a mantle piece and nobody could guess what they are supposed to be used for.

The eggs are designed to be inserted into the vagina where the clenching required to keep them in place trains the pelvic floor. Every woman should practice pelvic floor exercises, they are especially beneficial after childbirth. As well as keeping the waterworks under control, strengthening the pelvic floor means that you can grip your lover’s penis more tightly, making sex more pleasurable for you both.

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Doc Johnson TitanMen Cock Cage Review

Doc Johnson Cock Cage closeupI purchased this little cock cage from Lovehoney as a little extra to go in Ms Kinnk’s birthday goodie bag, thinking she would enjoy it’s ribbed texture.

This cock cage is from Doc Johnson, the well known US sex toy manufacturer and is part of their TitanMen range, which is primarily aimed at gay male market. It’s constructed from TPE and free from phthalates. Size wise, it measures in at 50mm long and about 38mm in diameter. Three colours are available, black, blue and white, I chose the black, as black wins every time! The TPE material is super stretchy, but as sliding it on your penis is still a little fiddly, some lube definitely helps.

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ÜberKinky Classic Electrostim Pleasure Probe Review

Periprobe Classic Electrostim CloseupOur adventures in electrostim continues with this Periprobe dildo from ÜberKinky. We ordered this at the same time as the Anuform butt plug we reviewed recently and have had some interesting times testing the two together.

Like the Anuform butt plug, this Periprobe came with minimal packaging, just a small clear bag and an instruction pamphlet. It too was originally designed for treating incontinence, by stimulating the pelvic muscles. However don’t let this put you off, a good deal of fun can be had, whether you enjoy a medical fetish or not. Although branded as ÜberKinky, the probe is manufactured by BEAC of Italy and carries the name Periprobe Classica.

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Neen Anuform Anal Electrostim Probe Review

Anuform Anal ElectrocStim Probe CloseupWho would have thought our old TENS machine would get so much use? After discovering the selection of electro-stimulation probes and attachments over at ÜberKinky, the sparks have quite literally, not stopped flying.

What we have here is a small butt plug with metal electrodes down two sides. These trail off with a short cable terminating in a pair of standard 2mm sockets. These can then be plugged into almost any TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) of electrostim controller you have. When switched on, a low frequency current is passed to the electrodes, which depending on intensity can produce anything from a light tingling sensation though to inducing muscle movement.

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Rocks Off Groovy Chick Vibrator Review

Rocks Off Groovy Chick VibratorPackaged in a lovely smart purple box, this Groovy Chick Vibrator evokes a little slice of Sixties life, when love was free and anything went. It wouldn’t look out of place in the film Austin Powers and is ideal for those who have lost their Mojo.

The vibrator itself comes in three Sixties inspired colours, purple, pink and orange and is made of silicone. There are ridges at the end which is designed to stimulate the G-Spot, whilst the rest of the vibrator is smooth. The thing that surprised me when comparing it to other vibrators such as the We Vibe is the size. It measures 12 inches long, has an insertable length of 6.75 inches and a 3.75 inch circumference. As this is designed as G-spot stimulator, it is not suitable for wearing during penetrative sex like the We-Vibe. It is however waterproof and submersible.

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