Vibrating Fleshlight Review

When Mariah Carey said, “I gotta shake it off, ‘cause the loving ain’t the same,” who would’ve thought it could relate with our boring masturbation habits?

If you’re reading this, it’s evident that you’re not satisfied with your regular jerk-off habits anymore, and are looking for a change. Fleshlights are a brilliant alternative, but these too get pretty boring after a while.

So, are you in search of the ultimate one-stop solution for your solo fetishes that will never stop being fun? Look no more; we might just have what you were looking for!

vibrating fleshlight

Yes, the Vibro Fleshlight package, one of the highest-rated products in the adult toys market, had grabbed our attention at first glance with its hyper-realistic orifices. And as soon as you stick your dick in, it hits you with ultra-sensual vibes!

So, in case you were planning to take your solo trips to the next level, here’s our unbiased opinion of why the Vibro deserves your attention.

Vibrating Fleshlight

Being available in both butt and lady orifices, the already-amazing Vibro fleshlight sets the bar even higher for versatility. It doesn’t matter if you’re into pussies or anal, because the product has a variant for both.

Regardless, both the variants are similar in terms of sleeve and texture (although the feel at the entrance may vary a little). That said, we decided to test the lady variant for you today, so let’s dive deep into its core specs and features!

Fleshlight vibro review

Core Specifications

Here are the key specifications of the Vibro fleshlight package

  • A lady/butt orifice made from skin-safe material
  • A 10-inch long/1-inch wide touch texture sleeve
  • A durable Gunmetal Fleshlight case for protection
  • Three bullets for intense vibrations (including batteries)
  • A 10-pack of extra batteries
  • Instruction manual for proper use and maintenance

How To Use It?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to use the Vibro fleshlight for the best results

  • Begin with turning on the vibrations
  • Lubricate your penis with quality water-based lubricant, and smear some at the opening of the orifice
  • Slowly begin penetrating the fleshlight.
  • Continue to stroke in an upward-downward motion for a sensual experience.
  • Switch off the vibrations after you’ve finished orgasming
  • Clean it thoroughly for subsequent use

Key features

Although the Vibro isn’t the undisputed pocket pussy king, it still sets itself apart from competition with the distinctive features that it offers. On that note, here are the most impressive features of this fleshlight that make it worth your consideration.


One thing that sets the Vibro apart from the average pocket pussies in the game is its universal size. It measures to be 10 inches, which can fit most men with ease. Also, the tightness shouldn’t be an issue as the sleeve is 1 inch wide.

To be more precise, the entrance of the orifice is approximately 4 inches in width, which finally narrows down to 2.5 inches. And although the inner canal has a diameter of 15-18 mm, the entrance may feel a little tighter.

As a result, this toy can comfortably please penises as large as 8.5 inches. However, it may not be as comfortable for bigger men, which further can be resolved by removing the vibrating bullets for smoother penetration.

fleshlight vibro internal texture


Speaking of the initial Fleshlight sleeve texture, the Vibro features a straight canal filled with stemmed bumps that face towards the center at a steep 45-degree angle. Although it doesn’t comprise multiple chambers like other fleshlights, its simplistic design still works like magic.

One thing that we like about its texture is the consistency, enabling users with different penile lengths to experience the same ecstatic feeling. Usually, other fleshlights have different textures at deeper length, restricting average-sized men from experiencing the whole fun. So, that’s a plus!

And as previously mentioned, the narrowing width of the sleeve makes it very capable of swallowing the penis with a sensual grip for an erotic adventure. As a bonus, the intense vibrations that it produces can blow your brains out in seconds.


So, what exactly gives the Vibro a higher advantage against the average fleshlights? Yes, it’s in the name itself – it vibrates! The fun gets 3 times more intricate inside the sleeve, as the complex structure stimulates the penis while masturbating.

Yes, 3 times – and that’s because the Vibro features three bullet-shaped pockets surrounding the entrance of the orifice. You can easily access the pockets by detaching the sleeve from the case and insert the batteries to enjoy an astronomical orgasm at your comfort.

The higher the number of bullets, the higher the intensity of the vibrations. So, you can enter as many bullets as you prefer to have total control. However, the vibration feature has to be activated before inserting the batteries for an uninterrupted solo adventure.

insert vibrators in sleeve


Honestly, the Vibro feels so realistic that it’s almost unreal. Yes, the realism here is very high, and so is the intensity of its vibrations. But, it’s a little upsetting that the waves cannot be controlled from the outside; you have to disassemble it completely.

Nevertheless, the entrance of the orifice feels pleasantly tight, as it should during a real penetration. It doesn’t slide in quickly and makes you push through for pleasure. And putting all three bullets inside at once can seriously tighten the opening even more.

As you penetrate through the opening, the canal of stemmed bumps engulf your penis and stimulates the glans with its texture. And although the narrowing canal grips your shaft correctly, it doesn’t feel discomforting or tight for even a second.

Instead, there’s plenty of room for the bumps to comfortably work their magic to give you some of the best orgasms you’ve ever had. It begins with a subtle feel that enhances with every stroke, which makes it the top-selling toy that it is.


Unfortunately, cleaning this fleshlight is a little more complicated than the regular ones. Even though it doesn’t feature multiple ridges or fangs inside, its continuous bumpy structure can still withhold semen from rinsing out.

You have to take the sleeve out of the gunmetal case to clean the toy thoroughly. And if you want the best results, then you must wash the sleeve with hot water to maintain proper hygiene. As an alternative, using Fleshwash also does the trick with ease.

Another way is to rinse the fleshlight with isopropyl and dust it with the help of cornstarch. Also, the product can dry within 20-30 minutes if kept in a properly ventilated room. Keep it near an air conditioner for it to dry even quicker.


Fleshlight is a brand that has never compromised with safety, and it reflects through the materials that are used to build its products. For instance, the gunmetal case that the sleeve comes in is solid and durable.

But it gets even better – the sleeve is built with SuperSkin material, a unique compound that doesn’t impact the skin negatively during continuous use. The cherry on top is that this product comes off as 100% waterproof, which extends its useful life by a great deal.


  • Built with SuperSkin material
  • Vibrating bullets for intense stimulations
  • Simplistic texture for an ecstatic orgasm
  • Tight opening to enhance realism


  • Not very easy to clean

Our Recommendation

If you’re someone who appreciates good vibes, then the Vibro lady orifice is something you can’t miss. Whether you’re into vaginal or anal penetration, this product has everything you’d need for your different moods.

However, if you are not afraid to get even more adventurous, then we might exactly have what you need – the Vibro Vavoom pack. At a slightly higher price, this product brings a lot more to the table.

The Vavoom pack features a similar texture as the original Vibro butt and lady orifice and comes equipped with similar vibration settings. However, as a bonus, this pack comes with a shower mount to a more convenient user experience.

The Vibro Vavoom feels incredibly realistic, as its bumpy canal strokes the glans for a mind-blowing orgasm. Furthermore, it also supports almost any penile size, provided that it can support up to 9 inches of smooth penetration. It features a gaping canal for a comfortable grip.

However, what makes the Vavoom pack worth your consideration is the 8oz. Fire lubricant and the 8 oz. Ice lubricant. If your kinks include temperature play, then these Fleshlube lubricants are guaranteed to show you a glimpse of heaven.

Summing It Up

Keeping it a hundred, there’s hardly any toy in the game that holds its own against the Vibro, in terms of durability and intensity. At a slightly higher price, this model makes you feel no less than a true king.

That said, which one of the lubes offered with the Vibro Vavoom pack are you more excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

We’ll take your leave for now, but we’ll return soon with more in-depth reviews about the best sex toys money can buy!

Till then, stay tuned!

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