Beyondage Large Hip Whip Review

Lovehoney have a habit of running some great sales. In one such sale I picked up this hip whip on a whim. It is of the Cat-O-Nine tails variety, i.e., a solid wood handle with a large number of strands coming from one end.

How is the quality?

Beyondage Hip WhipSuede has been the material of choice here, from the strands to handle, soft, flexible suede in two-tone black and purple (also available in pink).

The finish is good, no obvious flaws or questions on quality, it should stand up too many a good flogging. The handle is solid wood, 15cm long, 2.5cm diameter, wrapped in suede and has a good weight. The tendrils are 24cm in length.

Let’s give the Beyondage Hip Whip a try

In use the soft suede is not too harsh and doesn’t give the strong stinging sensation you may get with other whips or canes. Only the very tips of the suede strands give a mild sting.

The soft tendrils can also be fun to drag over your submissive’s body to tickle and tease.

My final conclusion of the Beyondage Large Hip Whip Review

Overall, I can recommend this whip for those into light pain play and tease. It would also ideal for those starting out in the world of BDSM, discovering boundaries and not wishing to spend large sums yet.

There is also a smaller version available with near identical design, but perfect handbag size.

Update: Looks like the Beyondage Large Hip Whip is no longer being made, there are however plenty of great alternatives that you can take a look at here.

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