Fever in France – Personalised Erotic Novel Review

Fever In France personalised novelThis book is quite unusual in that the two main protagonists are my wife and myself. No, neither of us wrote the book, this is a custom piece of fiction from U Star Novels. That is, all of their books are made to order and personalised with the protagonists of your choosing.

I ordered Fever in France as a Valentine’s day gift for my partner, I feel a personalised item always shows more thought. On the U Star website one just needs to fill out a simple form with your names and basic details like home town, hair colour, favourite music and perfume. You are then presented with some sample text, to check your choices work well grammatically. One can also add a dedication to be printed on the inside cover. Finally one just has to confirm the order, pay and then await postage a few days later.

How well the personalised text works, will obviously depend a lot on ones choices. I found one or two things slightly clunky, for example the choice of car I drive. I entered Mercedes, but the book often referred to it in a derogatory manner, whilst my character hired a Jaguar and a Mercedes. Had I known the context in advance, I could have specified something different, like a Nissan Micro.

The plot of the book features the main couple going on a much needed break to the South of France and then getting caught up in some high flying and glamorous organised crime gangs. The premise could easily pass as a mini episode of James Bond, with you right in the centre of it. The story works well, but is very formulaic and won’t win any awards for originality. However it does feature a nice twist at the end, which I won’t spoil.

The novel is marketed as being fairly raunchy (a 4 lips out of 5 according to U Star’s own Lovin-O-Meter) and does have several explicit sex scenes that are filled with adrenaline from fast car chases and close encounters. However these scenes tend to be quite short, succinct and see your persona’s partaking only in vanilla sex. This is certainly no Fifty Shades.

Overall the book works well and is definitely a novel idea (pun intended), that as a gift will definitely raise a smile and provide fun reading. The story itself is not bad, but big fans of erotic fiction and fetish lovers will find more entertaining reading elsewhere. U-Star sell a large selection of other personalised stories, and provide a snippet from one in the back of this book, to entice you to buy more.>Personalized Book Fever In France

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