Review of Leather Posture Collar & Lead from Westward Bound

Collars are a classic symbol of subservience and control and their placement around a submissive’s neck often signifies the start of a scene.

The snugness of wearing a collar gives a submissive a permanent reminder of who is in control. Collar use maybe symbolic, or it can be used to restrain or direct a sub’s actions (with a lead).

The posture collar takes this one step further, by forcing your submissive’s neck and head into a rigid and upright posture. Slouching is not an option and never should be!

Westward Bound leather information

This leather posture collar and lead is from the Westward Bound group. It comes in a choice of three colors, black, purple and red.

The collar leather is of a high quality and thick, but is also supple and lined with a soft black leather. A large buckle at the back ensures that the collar is secure, and a hoop at the front affords attachment of the lead (or other restraints).

The shape of the collar is tapered from front to back, which really pushes the wearer’s chin up, so stopping them from looking down. However, the supple leather does allow some flexibility and a small amount of movement. The lead that is included is made from matching leather and has a 60cm dog chain.

Leather Posture Collar Lead

How is the quality?

The finished quality of the collar is very good, and it certainly won’t fall apart if used for rough play. One niggle, nonetheless, is that the edge binding only covers the long edges and not the ends.

That said, these ends will generally be obscured at the back of the neck by the buckle.

My final conclusion of the Leather Posture Collar & Lead review

Overall, this is a good posture collar suitable for newer players as well as the more experienced.

The softness of the leather stops it from being as rigid or harsh as some other posture collars, but it still provides sufficient stiffness to keep your submissive maintaining a good posture.

Update: This is unfortunately no available anymore☹ You can find some good alternatives at ÜberKinky here.

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