Sanctuary Massage and Body Oil Review

My partner received this massage oil as part of a larger gift set of Sanctuary products. However, in the bedroom, it’s this massage oil that we’ve used extensively over the last few weeks.

The oil’s scent is shared across all products in their Daily Spa Escape range, a sweet, fruity and pleasant aroma. It claims to relieve stress, relax and rejuvenate, which we can certainly attest to through our testing, as we often found ourselves too relaxed and sleepy afterwards to do much else.

The essential oil ingredients, rosehip, cranberry, sweet almond and grape seed oils, are all designed to deeply moisturize your skin and improve tone and complexion overall.

All good stuff, but thankfully the oil achieves this without being overly greasy, it is easily absorbed into the skin with little residue. There’s nothing worse than a greasy back for the rest of the night.

Sanctuary have not produced an oil to get you aroused and all revved up for some vigorous kinky action, rather something more suited to unwinding and clearing the head of daily stresses.

Certainly, no bad thing, sleepy slow sex is what you need on some occasions. Alternatively, it is ideal following an intense scene, to slowly ease minds and bodies back to earth.

My final conclusion of the Sanctuary Massage and Body Oil Review

Lastly, from a practical point of view, we liked the flip top lid. Screwing lids back on bottles with a handful of oil is a right faff, and there’s nothing worse than knocking a full bottle off the bedside cabinet…

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