The Big Debate – Are Big Knickers Sexy?

I’ve had a number of discussions lately with various people over the pros and cons of big knickers. They seem to be the topic of the day in the lingerie world – from debating their sexiness, to weighing up whether or not they’re a pretty alternative to shape wear, everyone’s talking about big knickers!

Firstly, it helps to remember that, just like there are a million styles of ‘small knickers’, so too are there plenty of options in the big knicker market. Not all big knickers are made equal – you’ve got your plain, Bridget Jones style knickers, your figure-sculpting shape wear knickers and then your just-for-fashion high waisted styles, which might look nice but they’re not going to flatten that tummy bulge you’d rather squash flat.

So, the big question – are big knickers sexy? I’ve asked girls and guys and the answers seemed unanimous, at least amongst the sexes. The boys said no, the girls said yes, so why this difference of opinion?

It’s not so much whether or not big knickers look good, it’s what people think when they hear the word ‘sexy’. For most girls, this probably conjures up images of Agent Provocateur and Myla, two brands who make very sexy lingerie that’s also classy and sophisticated – and yes, they’ve both made big knickers at some point! Ask the boys what sexy is however and you’re more likely to end up with words like crotchless and fishnet on your list (which can be classy too – but it takes an expert).

Big knickers are, therefore, probably the exact opposite of what guys think of as being sexy. For girls however, it’s the smaller details that come into focus – things like the fabric, the trim and how comfortable they are to wear. So, whereas you might hold a pair of knickers up to a girl who’ll see the expensive lace fabric and the unique cut of the leg, all the boys see is ‘big’.

Big knickers are popular for one obvious reason – that high waistline will hide a multitude of sins. For true body-shaping effect though, you need to opt for specially made shape wear knickers, which will be made from highly stretchy fabrics designed to smooth out any lumps and bumps. This doesn’t mean the ugly nude nylons of yesteryear however, as thanks to some lovely technological innovations powernet mesh and super-stretchy lace are now on the menu too.

To conclude, whilst the term ‘sexy’ probably isn’t the right one for big knickers, that’s not to say they can’t look just as (or even more) stunning than your typical bikini brief. Choose a style that’s flattering and has something great about it that’s not the fact it’s comfortable or covers your stomach (although you won’t want anything uncomfortable either!), whether that’s a cheeky cut-out at the back or a gorgeous ribbon bow at the front. Team it with a matching bra and your sexiest attitude and he won’t even notice the knickers you’re wearing are ‘big’!

What do YOU think, are big knickers sexy?

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