Lovehoney Tease Me Satin Blindfold Review

Depriving one of the five senses can really heighten the others senses. Blindfolding a submissive is a prime example, as it increases their anticipation and focuses them on their other senses: hearing, touch, taste and smell.

The effectiveness of the blindfold is a key factor in a successful play session. Far too many blindfolds are inferior and let light in, thus ruining the effect. Others are simply not comfortable for long periods of time, distracting the wearer from the scene.

What’s in the box?

LoveHoney Teasee BlindfoldAfter suffering a number of blindfolds with these issues, I decided to try the Lovehoney Tease Me Satin Blindfold. As with all Lovehoney orders, the item arrived quickly and in a discreet box.

The blindfold itself was packaged in a simple card sleeve with a tastefully printed design. Lovehoney have used a soft purple satin material to make this soft and luxurious blindfold.

The material is sewn into a double thickness, so whilst it is soft and comfortable to wear, it is also designed to last.

Let’s give the Lovehoney Satin Blindfold a try

The blindfold uses a simple tie at the back of the wearer’s head to secure it. It is easy, to put on and remove, with plenty of slack to fit all sizes of heads, being 57 inches long in total. Thankfully, the satin is not so smooth, as to let your knots to slip and undo.

The tailoring and finish are good, with no rough or loose edges and seams. The section of the blindfold covering the eyes has received special attention, and features a number of extra layers of fabric to ensure total black out for the wearer.

A wire embedded along the lower edge can be molded around one’s nose, preventing the wearer from peeking down. This is very important, as the nose bridge is where many other blindfolds fail.

My final conclusion of the Lovehoney Tease Me Satin Blindfold Review

In conclusion, this is a simply yet effective blindfold, made well and available at a good price. What more could you ask for? Well, Lelo do make a similar blindfold in pure silk, but at a considerably higher price…

Buy the Tease Me Satin Blindfold from Lovehoney.

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