A Champagne Tantric Massage

Carmen's Champagne Tantric MassageHi my name is Carmen and I am a tantric masseuse for Peachy Massage London. I thought I would tell you about what happened on a recent meet up with one of my favourite clients.

I knock on the front door of Mr M who is one of my favourite clients, he is 41, very handsome and has a great body. He greets me with a smile and leads me upstairs into the bedroom, I tell him to go and have a shower and get changed while I set up. I light some candles, put on some music and dim the lights all in the space of time it takes Mr M to get ready. When he returns with just a small towel covering his manhood, he pours us both a glass of champagne, we drink a bit then I order Mr M to lie down on his front so the real fun can begin.

I rub some oil into my hands and start massaging Mr M’s’ back, after a few minutes I ask ‘How does that feel?.’ He replies ‘nice, very nice,’ and lets out a small moan, I can tell he is relaxing. I carrying on kneading his muscles, loosening them up, I can tell it is working as his breathing deepens. I then move onto his shoulders, rubbing the hot oil into them, I can feel them loosening up my breasts are now brushing against his back as I do this I notice I have got oil on my top so I will have to take it off, I say to Mr M ‘damn I got oil in my top,’ as I start to slowly unbutton it I can see him trying to watch me out of the corner of his eye. I carry on massaging Mr M’s shoulders in just my bra and skirt, I know he loves feeling my lacy red bra against his body, I can can tell his cock has stiffened as he moves around on the bed to try and get himself comfortable. I then pull off my skirt and thong and climb onto his back so that I am able to massage his shoulders better, he lets out a moan at this as he can feel my naked pussy against his arse. I then say to Mr M

‘I want to work hard on your back so I must remove my bra so I don’t get any oil on it is that OK?’

He replies very quickly with ‘yes, yes that is fine with me.’ I slowly reach behind me and undo my bra, throwing it over Mr M’s head so that it is in front of his face. I rub some oil into my hands and start rubbing my tits letting out a moan which I can tell excites Mr M, then I start massaging his back this time leaning hard against him so he can feel the weight my DD tits massaging him and my erect nipples. I then lean over to his ear and whisper ‘it is time to turn over.’

Carmen in Yellow and Cyan BrassierWhen he turns over his eyes widen at me and he instantly leans over and squeezes my tits, rolling my nipples between his finger and thumb, I let out a big moan and so does Mr M. I then pick up what is left in my champagne glass and pour it over Mr M’s chest, he lets out a smile and I start to lick the champagne off his naked body. I then get off him and move between his legs, I grab his now very hard cock in my hand and move it back and forth with my other hand I massage his balls, he starts to arch his back and lets out a massive moan. I take a sip of some champagne, hold it in my mouth then put the tip of his cock slowly into my mouth, I move it back and forth he gasps ‘the bubbles!’

I grab his hand and put it on my tit, he massages it and then starts to flip my nipple, I swallow my champagne and start moaning I then grab his cock firmly, I am moving my hand back and forth along his shaft quicker and quicker now I feel his whole body go tense then after one big moan he explodes all over my body. His breathing his deep and fast, he lies his head back down, I look at him then say ‘fancy a shower?’

Carmen xx
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