A Champagne Tantric Massage

Carmen's Champagne Tantric MassageHi my name is Carmen and I am a tantric masseuse for Peachy Massage London. I thought I would tell you about what happened on a recent meet up with one of my favourite clients.

I knock on the front door of Mr M who is one of my favourite clients, he is 41, very handsome and has a great body. He greets me with a smile and leads me upstairs into the bedroom, I tell him to go and have a shower and get changed while I set up. I light some candles, put on some music and dim the lights all in the space of time it takes Mr M to get ready. When he returns with just a small towel covering his manhood, he pours us both a glass of champagne, we drink a bit then I order Mr M to lie down on his front so the real fun can begin.

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Oh Yes Mistress

Erotic massage with JessieHi my name is Jessie and I work for Peachy Massage London. I thought I would share with you one of my favourite massages, the Peachy tie and tease me, as it means I am in control.

I am greeted at the door by my client, I push him back through the door and tell him he must listen to everything I say as I am now in control. I tell him to quickly shower and to come back out here completely naked, he does so quickly and eagerly. I strip down to a black babydoll, keeping my heels on and I get out a black feather. When my client returns, I push him onto the bed, so he is lying on his back and tie his hands to the bed, propping his head up with a pillow. I tell him he must call me Mistress at all times, if not he will be punished.

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Sensual room service

I arrive at the Knightsbridge hotel at 10pm, I am greeted by a handsome yet slightly nervous 30 year old man so I cheekily asked ‘So are you going to invite me in then or should I just stand here…’ to which he stutters

‘Oh sorry, of course come in.’

tantric massage masseuse

I introduce myself as Grace, put my bag on the table than ask him where he wants to go. He shyly says the bedroom I can tell this is his first time having a sensual massage so I agree the bedroom is a good place but first we need to shower together. I pick up my bag and follow Ben to the bedroom where I ask him to change into a robe and wait while I go and set up the bathroom. I set up my iPod and speakers to play some relaxing music, while I also light some candles and incense.

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A Peachy First Experience

My name is Eden and I work for Peachy massage London. I have recently returned from travelling and thought I would share with you how I relaxed a first time client.

Two days ago I had a client who I could tell was new to tantric massage, he was shy, not giving me much eye contact and seemed uncomfortable. This makes it more fun for me, I love a challenge to calm my client and surprise him all at the same time.

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