Oh Yes Mistress

Erotic massage with JessieHi my name is Jessie and I work for Peachy Massage London. I thought I would share with you one of my favourite massages, the Peachy tie and tease me, as it means I am in control.

I am greeted at the door by my client, I push him back through the door and tell him he must listen to everything I say as I am now in control. I tell him to quickly shower and to come back out here completely naked, he does so quickly and eagerly. I strip down to a black babydoll, keeping my heels on and I get out a black feather. When my client returns, I push him onto the bed, so he is lying on his back and tie his hands to the bed, propping his head up with a pillow. I tell him he must call me Mistress at all times, if not he will be punished.

I pick up a black feather and start to run it along his naked body, I brush it over his cock and balls knowing that it is tickling him. I then straddle his naked body, put some warm oil in my hands and start massaging his chest and torso. I ask him ‘Does this feel good?’ he replies

‘Yes, very.’

I say ‘Yes very what?!’

‘Yes very Mistress’

After 15 minutes of massaging his chest, I move onto his shoulders I move up his body so I can reach his shoulders easier and my tits are near his face. I can see him biting his lip, if he could he would grab them. I ask him ‘how much do you want to touch my tits?’

He replies ‘very much mistress.’

Jessie in fishnet babydoll and pastiesI undo the babydoll to reveal my big tits and erect nipples, I brush them from his chin across his whole face he is able to lick them quickly. I then order him to suck my nipple which he does very quickly, I let out a moan and tell him ‘I love it when my tits are sucked.’ I can tell his cock is very hard now, he arches his back in pleasure for the feelings shooting through his body. I then tell him to stay very still while I slowly kiss down his body if he moves he will be punished he says in a husky voice ‘yes mistress.’

I start kissing his body from his neck down to his nipples, where I start sucking them he lets out a groan and nearly moves but stops himself, I then carry on kissing down his body I linger by his cock, blowing on it softly so to the build the tension some more. He moves with pleasure to which I tut at him ‘oh dear someone has been a naughty boy, I will just have to start all over again.’ He lets out a moan at the thought, I know he finds the tension unbearable he wants me to take his cock so badly but I am going to tease him some more. I then start again kissing his body from the top all down his torso, balls and thighs this time he doesn’t move. I get some more oil in my hands, I tell him ‘watch your peachy mistress,’ and I start massaging my tits with the oil playing with my really hard nipples he lets out a whimper. ‘Do you want to be doing this to me?’ he groans back ‘Oh yes Mistress.’ I then grab his really hard cock in my hand place it between my oiled tits and start tit fuckin him, he arches his back with such desire. I move his cock quickly between my tits he lets out one big massive moan and erupts all over them, it shoots like a volcano up high. I then let him watch me rub some of it into my tits some more and he mumbles ‘You are my peachy mistress.’

Jessie x
Peachy Massage London
Jessie has been offering most intimate sensual massages in London.

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