DIY BDSM Pinwheel

diy PinwheelThe pinwheel is an intriguing little device for giving light pain and pricking your submissive. Like its name suggests, it is a wheel with a set of pins attached, which can be rolled across skin. The pins prick the skin and cause sharp, but light and short-lived pain.

In this guide I’m going to show you how to make your own pinwheel from easily available materials. It is a simple and quick project, but care must be taken when working with the pins, they are sharp.

What materials do I need to make a homemade BDSM pinwheel?

  • Bottle cork.
  • Pins, about 30.
  • Small screws, 2, about 20mm long.
  • Stiff wire, e.g., old wire coat hanger.

Step 1 – Preparing the Cork

First, we need to stick the screws into the ends of the cork. Pre drill appropriate holes first in the center of each end, then screw them in, leaving about 10mm protruding.

Step 2 – Inserting Pins

The next step is inserting the pins through the cork. The idea being to push them all the way through, with the sharp end sticking out the other side and the flat end flush with the side of the cork.

Draw four equally spaced guide lines down the sides of the cork, swirling round akin to a candy cane or barber’s sign. Then start pushing the pins through, working down each guide line in turn, leaving a 2-3mm gap between each pin. Don’t aim them through dead center, they need to go beside the screws. A thimble or other blunt metal instrument to push the pins helps here.

Once done you should have a very prickly cork. Roll it along to check it rolls fairly smoothly, and doesn’t bump about from a lack of pins in one area. If it does, just push some extra pins through to fill the gap.

Step 3 – Attaching a Handle

The stiff wire is going to form our handle. I used an old wire coat hanger and cut one half off it. Bend the wire into a V or U shape, around 10cm in length.

Using some needle nose pliers curl the two wire ends over into loops, just big enough to go around the screws, but not over their heads. To attach the handle, you will need to remove the screws, pass them though the wire loops and screw them back into the cork.

Ensure the wire handle loops are not too tight, so as to stop the cork spinning freely. This can happen if the loops are too small, the screws in too tight, or the wire handle V shape is too wide or narrow. Just tweak as needed, otherwise the pinwheel will not roll over your submissives’ skin, but rather drag and scratch instead.

The finished pinwheel for BDSM

homemade Pinwheel

That’s it! A simple pinwheel ready to use. Roll it over your arm to test, it’s important as a Dom to know what your submissive is feeling.

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