DIY Under Bed Bondage Restraints

DIY Under Bed Restraints - InstalledThere are a few under bed bondage restraint kits available on the market. They are popular as they give you something to attach your submissive’s cuffs to when you are lacking strong anchor points. Handy if you don’t have a metal frame bed, can’t install wall hooks or staying away in a hotel where they rarely have a proper head board. In all instances, these are an effective and cheap solution to some great bondage scenes.

This under bed kit is very simple, comprising of just two lengths of webbing that cross under the mattress and come up at the corners to restrain your submissive in a spread eagle position. Construction is very quick and easy, and the parts required can be picked up cheaply at a local haberdashery, hardware store or online. I found these items very cheap, in bulk from some ebay sellers.

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DIY Chopstick Nipple Clamps Howto

BDSM Chopstick Nipple Clamp - FinishedUsing chopsticks for nipple clamps is one of those things you have heard about numerous times before, or will be something you wondered why you didn’t think of it before yourself.

Utilising materials you probably have already at home, or can pick easily and cheaply, these are a no brainer and should be in everyone’s toybox. This is such an quick and easy howto, it barely warrants a whole post at all, but here goes anyway.

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DIY Quick & Easy Bondage Restraints Howto

BDSM Restraints VelcroWhen it comes to bondage, restraint is key. Tying up your submissive to prevent them using certain limbs or stop their whole body from moving, rendering them completely helpless and putting them at the mercy of your desires.

The basis of any good bondage is a set of cuffs to tie your submissives’ wrists and ankles together. Just tying their hands behind their back can change your submissives’ perspective completely and plant them firmly in the head space for a BDSM scene.

This howto guide will show you how to make your own quick and easy restraints from very cheap materials. Although basic, they are surprisingly effective and comfortable long periods.

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DIY BDSM Pinwheel

DIY BDSM PinwheelThe pinwheel is an intriguing little device for giving light pain and pricking your submissive. Like its name suggests, it is a wheel with a set of pins attached, which can be rolled across skin. The pins prick the skin and cause sharp, but light and short lived pain.

In this guide I’m going to show you how to make your own pinwheel from easily available materials. It is a simple and quick project, but care must be taken when working with the pins, they are sharp.
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DIY Bondage Stocks – Howto Guide

Home made Bondage StocksThe classic wooden stocks are a popular restraint in BDSM play. Whether it is floor standing stocks of a simple plank of wood to clamp the victims limbs in. Buying a set of bondage stocks can be a costly affair, yet with a little time and some basic carpentry skills, it is not hard to construct your own bondage stocks.

Building your own bondage stocks allows you to customise them as you see fit, tailoring them for you submissives’ physic, play preferences or with whatever additions you find useful in your BDSM scenes.

In this guide I will be showing you how to make you own simple bondage stocks to clamp in place your submissives’ ankles, wrists and/or neck.

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