MAXtwist Clit & Nipple Triple Sucker Set Review

MaxTwist Nipple & Clit SuckersAlthough I have tried out a number of nipple clamps, including many home made alternatives, I have yet to try a set of nipple suckers. So when √úberKinky offered this MAXtwist Clit and Nipple Sucker Set for review, I jumped at the opportunity.

The suckers arrived loosely packaged in a simple cardboard box, thankfully without any tacky photos adorning it. Beyond the brief description on the back of the box, no further instructions or bumpf was included. Not that it wasn’t pretty obvious how to use the suckers.

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Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps Review

Butterfly Nipple Clamps Clover ClampsEveryone likes nipples. Tweak them, lick them, twist them, pinch them, suck them, play with them however you will; nipples are a great source of pain and pleasure. But when it comes to intensity, nipples clamps rule the roost. Which brings us to these Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps, sent to us for review by Vibrations Direct. After posting about numerous experiments with DIY nipple clamps, it’s high time we reviewed something more serious. Hailing from the USA, Spartacus have been producing high quality, serious fetish and bondage gear for over 25 years.

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DIY Chopstick Nipple Clamps Howto

BDSM Chopstick Nipple Clamp - FinishedUsing chopsticks for nipple clamps is one of those things you have heard about numerous times before, or will be something you wondered why you didn’t think of it before yourself.

Utilising materials you probably have already at home, or can pick easily and cheaply, these are a no brainer and should be in everyone’s toybox. This is such an quick and easy howto, it barely warrants a whole post at all, but here goes anyway.

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Nipple Clamps and Tit Torture Improvisation

Nipples are fun little things to play with, highly sensitive and the source of much pleasure and pain. Tweak them, suck them, pinch them, bite them, twist them, pull them, the fun never ends. For even more daring fun, try some of the following implements for added variety more intense sensation.

Clothes Pegs
Tit Torture Clothes Peg Nipple ClampsAlways readily handy, clothes pegs are perfect for make-shift nipple clamps. But a large number of them can be fun when placed all over your submissive’s breasts and body. The pinched skin initially gives a sharp sensation, before subsiding to a dull throb. However when removed another wave of warm pain is induced as blood flows back to the nipple of pinched skin.

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