Two girls, one guy and an erotic massage

Hi I am Whitney and I work for Peachy Massage London, I have been there for 8 months and I thought I would tell you about a recent threesome I had with Holly another Peachy girl and a client.

I arrive at the hotel with Holly, as we are good friends these sort of massages are easy for us to do, the client opens the door smiles and says ‘you two are even more gorgeous than your photos.’ We are let in then the three of us sit down chatting and drinking champagne to break the ice, the client is a really funny guy so it feels like we have been friends for a long time. Then Holly and myself start placing candles and incense around the king size bed, and hit play on the iPod docks, setting an ambiance is always key. We then ask Mr B to get himself undressed, while we go and shower and get ready. After 5 minutes we both appear from the bathroom in black underwear, leaving very little to the imagination. At Peachy London we like to make fantasies a reality so we make our way over to the bed where Mr B is sitting on the edge of it naked, and I take some warm oil into my hand then start rubbing it over Holly’s shoulders, slowly making my way down to her bottom, I can tell this really arouses Mr B. Then Holly undoes my bra, and starts rubbing oil onto my tits, we both giggle at this point while Mr B is looking on with great pleasure, we pull down each others thongs then start concentrating on Mr B.

I crawl between Mr B’s legs and I stroke his body with a long black feather, while I do this Holly has gone behind him and started the erotic massage on his shoulders. His cock is really hard now I can tell he loves the teasing, so while Holly is massaging him I gently grab his balls and give them a quick massage a small taste of what is to come. I then order Mr B to lie down on his front, I straddle his back and start to massage his back with my bare tits, Holly is massaging his shoulders, her tits dangling near his face you can tell he wants them. I then turn myself around and start massaging Mr B’s inner thigh and buttocks, making sure no area is left untouched, I slide my body along his, I hear him let out a moan and Holly leans over and gives my bottom a cheeky slap. After 20 minutes Holly tells him to turn himself over onto his front, I straddle myself again on his torso and start massaging his chest, rubbing myself against him and licking his nipples. Holly moves herself down to between his legs, and massages his thighs some more, I can tell she is briefly touching his hard cock as he is letting out small moans. I turn myself around displaying my ‘pink jewel’ as he liked to call it, I arched my back to tease him so he can see everything I then take his very hard cock, place it between my tits and start to massage it, it glides easily between my oily tits he loves this as he lets out a massive moan, Holly in the meantime is licking his balls.

I then turn myself around I slide my body against his, I grab his hand and put it on my tit letting him touching my hard nipples, I start to moan then Holly slides her hands along his cock, and starts rhythmically to rub it up and down I can feel her getting faster. Mr B then squeezes my tit hard lets out a massive groan and erupts all over Holly’s tits, Holly and I giggle with delight, another fantasy has been fulfilled.

Whitney & Holly
Peachy Massage London
True stories from the inside of an Independent Erotic Massage Agency in London

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