Wood Wang Workshop ‘Bad Girl’ Paddle Review

Wood Wang Workshop Bad Girl PaddleThe lovely people at ThatPosition recently sent this Wood Wang Workshop paddle in for a thorough testing. Never one’s to turn down a challenge we put it through it’s paces and here follows our verdict.

The paddle arrived in a non-descriptive poly bag, wrapped in bubble wrap and with no fancy printed manufactures packaging to speak of. No issue here, we all hate the tacky photos and presentation that far too many other products seem obsessed with. No needless waste packaging is also a thumbs up on the environment front too. The first thing that hits you about this Wood Wang Workshop paddle, is how sturdy, solid and weighty it is. It has been carved from a thick slap of Gonçalo Alves hardwood (also known as Zebrawood or Tigerwood), featuring a lovely grain and with a super smooth finish. The Wood Wang Workshop source all of their wood from sustainable sources (another environmental thumbs up).

The paddles dimensions are 310mm x 75mm x 15mm and weighs in at 180g. On the end of the handle is a short suede plaited loop for hanging the paddle. My favourite feature of the paddle is the laser etched words ‘BAD girl’ on it’s face, in reverse. It’s not so obvious from the photos, but these words are cut into the wood and stained black inside. The intention is to leave a beautiful impression on your submissives’ behind of the words ‘BAD girl’ (the right way around of course)!

Wood Wang Workshop Bad Girl Paddle closeup

Wooden paddles are firmly at the harsher end of the pain scale, definitely not for beginners or those who can only take light pain. With this paddle you get a hard, sharp stinging pain, even from light swipes. Harder whacks will really have your submissive screaming, shouting and left with a red behind. Don’t expect to leave the words imprinted on your sub’s ass without a hard whack though. In our sessions we often built up to this paddle, starting with lighter and softer whips and floggers first.

Wood Wang Workshop Bad Girl Paddle in the handA couple of words regarding care of your Wood Wang paddle; the finish of the wood is just a stain, thus leaving the wood porous. This is important to consider if sharing the paddle between partners, bodily fluids can get transferred. Also for cleaning, you should not use anything more than a slightly damp wipe or risk damaging the finish. Long term the wood may also need stain reapplying.

Overall, this Wood Wang paddle gets our recommendation. Thirty quid might seem a lot for a small plank of wood, but don’t overlook the craftsmanship and effort put into the final finish of this product. The laser etched wording it a great touch. For those into heavy impact play, definitely check this paddle out, you will not be disappointed.

Kinky Kompare!


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