Earthly Body Trio Mini Massage Candles Review

Earthly Body Trio 3-in-1 Mini Massage CandlesCandle play can be a fun and erotic addition to the bedroom repertoire of any couple, and these Earthly Body Trio Mini Massage Candles are designed as the ideal introduction to the world of wax play.

At its most basic level, wax play involves the use of of hot wax, (usually a candle) being dripped over a bottom by a dominant. The hardened wax can then be peeled off the skin rather pleasurably. Many people use ordinary household candles for this purpose, although some care has to be taken to ensure that they are not coated in lacquers or made from bees wax which burn hotter than an ordinary candle. The Earthly Body Candles eliminate the worry about using an unsuitable produce because they are especially designed to burn at a lower temperature than ordinary household candles. They produce a lovely soft glow which adds to the overall ambiance of the room.

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