Vielle Lubricant Gel Review

Vielle LubeThis little bottle of lubricant gel is one we picked up some time ago and have progressively been working our way through it. It seems fitting, that now as the bottle is almost empty, do we finally write up our review of it. The Vielle lubricant gel comes in a small 50ml bottle with a flip open squirty top.

It is a silicone based lube, which is safe for use with condoms and sex toys. Keeping things simple, it is also free from fragrance, colour and alcohol. No worries of off putting strong and sickly scents or staining of the sheets.

Consistency wise, the Vielle lube is on the runny and thin side. This made it less than ideal for toys like butt plugs, where a thicker lube that you could load onto the plug suited better. Feel is rather neutral, no greasiness, however it wasn’t very long lasting, longer play sessions will need repeated reapplications to keep things moving smoothly.

Overall, we have been happy with its performance, the Vielle Lubricant Gel is a simple, no-nonsense lube with no nasty surprises. Work within its limits and you can’t go wrong. Vielle lube is readily available in many mundane places like supermarkets and pharmacies, making it a handy name to remember if caught short and in need of some last minute shopping.


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