Maximus Anal Lubricant Review

Maximus Anal LubeWith a slew of butt plugs to test, some decent lube was essential. This is where the Maximus Anal Lube came in, specifically formulated for anal use, we tested it thoroughly to see if it lives up to its name.

Arriving from our favorite store, Lovehoney, in their trademark long rectangular brown box, devoid of any potentially embarrassing insignia, Maximus lube comes in a 250ml bottle with a pump action spout (a 50ml bottle is also available).

Don’t get this one confused with the bathroom hand gel! Some security tape sealed the spout, informing us it hadn’t been tampered with.

How does it feel like?

The Maximus lube is perfectly clear and very viscose. The accompanying blurb talks about its’ high Glycol content retains any natural moisture to aid its long-lasting ability and how it’s bio-static nature prevents the spreading of bacteria. All good stuff.

The lube has no odor; however, it does have a distinctive taste that is a little unpleasant. It is a water-based lube, so no worries using it with any of your toys or condoms.

Use enough Maximus anal lube

As with all good anal play, the key is to use lots of lubes, start small, working up in toy size and use lots of lube. Oh, and don’t forget to use lots of lube.

With Ms. Kinnk blindfolded and presenting her posterior for my pleasure, I start with a generous dollop of Maximus lube on her anus and more on my finger. I massage her ring, ensuring it is thoroughly lubricated, then slowly I insert my finger a little, just teasing her.

I push my finger inside her and she lets out a gratifying moan, which continues as I wiggle my finger and push in and out, before finally popping my finger out of her, now I’m satisfied she is ready for the first plug.

Let’s give it a try with anal sex toys

Our first butt plug is a small Doc Johnson silicone plug, which I slaver with more Maximus lube and pop inside Ms. Kinnk. The plug is small, only slightly larger than my finger, so slides in with ease.

I press against the protruding end of the lug, tweaking it and ensuring she knows it’s there. I roll her over, then go down and pleasure her clit with my tongue.

This is when I first get a good taste of the lube and discover its sharp, almost tannic taste. Not the most pleasant, but not horrible enough to stop the fun.

With Ms. Kinnk nicely warmed up from my tongue, I take the next plug from the toy box, a larger Doc Johnson pony tail plug (recently reviewed by Ms. Kinnk here).

Rubbing more lube on it, I pop out the last plug and place the new plug against her anus, building up the anticipation. I then start to push the plug into her, nice and slowly, this one will really stretch her even though the plug has some suppleness.

I continue to slowly push it in as the apex of its’ width is hit, then all of a sudden, pop, as it is sucked in by her muscles. Ms. Kinnk is now very aware of this plug’s presence filling her up, but she can still be filled up further. I climb on top and sink myself into her other orifice and our scene progresses.

My final conclusion of the Maximus Anal Lubricant Review

The Maximus Anal Lube, performed admirable. We liked how thick it was, such that it would stay on our toys and not just run everywhere.

It really was long lasting, besides applying to each new toy, we never needed to reapply, mid-scene. The pump action bottle is very handy for dispensing.

At £10 for 250ml, one can’t knock it for price either. The only downside, was its’ taste. Even so, one could work around this issue and I don’t feel this is enough to not recommend this product.

Update: The Maximus anal lube is no longer sold on Lovehoney, but their own anal lube is really good and can be bought for less at Lovehoney here.

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