Gun Oil H2O Lube Review

Gun-Oil-H2O-LubeThe Gun Oil range of lubricants really take gender stereotyping to a new level. Here we have the Gun Oil H2O lubricant , presented like a bullet and marketed like a new secret weapon for budding army marines everywhere. This masculine overdose is countered by the company’s Pink range of lubes that are just pink, not gay pink, just super fairy pink; perfect for all the feminine ladies. Maybe.

Putting aside the companies marketing and branding choices, lets take a look at this product and see if it’s actually any good.

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Durex Play Lube Reviews – Very Cherry and Tingle.

Durex-Play-Cherry-Tingle-LubeTime for a quick double barrel, mini lube review. Up for testing we have two lubricants from Durex, probably one of the biggest brands out there when it comes to sex products. Both are from their Play range and came in small 50ml bottles with a handy pump action dispenser.


Who would say no to a tingle on their dingle? As such I was keen to give this Durex Tingle lube a try. As a lubricant it performed very much like Durex’s other lubes, I suspect they all share the same base formula. However I was distinctly disappointed by the ‘tingle’ promised. I struggled to notice anything to be honest, just a very slight coldness – quite a let down.

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Durex Play Massage/Lube 2in1 Gel Review

Durex-Massage-Gel-Lube-2in1-1Everyone knows the Durex brand, however they’re not the first to spring to mind when it comes to massage products. What we have here is a 2in1 product that can be used as a massage gel or as a lube. Bonus, but best of all no worries about your massage oil affecting the integrity of your johnies. The base oil in many massage oils can degrade latex condoms.

This 2in1 gel is presented in a large squeezy bottle and comes in a bright orange colour. Annoyingly the bottle is rounded top and bottom, so will only stand upright when the screw cap is on. However the bottle does have a self sealing cap, so will only dispense when squeezed. This may seem pedantic, but when in the middle of massage you don’t want to be faffing about opening, closing bottles with a hand full of product and neither do you want you product rolling off the side table and spilling everywhere.

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Durex Play Gel Lube with Aloe Vera Review

Durex Play Aloe Vera LubeDurex is a brand everyone is familiar with. For me it was that first packet of condoms tentatively purchased from a pub vending machine as a teenager. Today however, we are reviewing a small bottle of their lubricant purchased from Lovehoney. It is however commonly available at a multitude of places, from local pharmacies to your favourite supermarket.

This lube is water soluble and marketed as being being kind and gentle, which it certainly lived up to. It’s clear, tasteless and also odourless. However, it is supposed to be scented with aloe vera, which I wasn’t able to detect. The bottle has a pump action nozzle, which is great for fuss free dispensing and no spills.

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Maximus Anal Lubricant Review

Maximus Anal LubeWith a slew of butt plugs to test, some decent lube was essential. This is where the Maximus Anal Lube came in, specifically formulated for anal use, we tested it thoroughly to see if it lives up to its name.

Arriving from our favourite store, Lovehoney, in their trademark long rectangular brown box, devoid of any potentially embarrassing insignia, Maximus lube comes in a 250ml bottle with a pump action spout (a 50ml bottle is also available). Don’t get this one confused with the bathroom hand gel! Some security tape sealed the spout, informing us it hadn’t been tampered with.

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