Review of Leather Posture Collar & Lead from Westward Bound

Leather Posture Collar Lead review

Collars are a classic symbol of subservience and control and their placement around a submissive’s neck often signifies the start of a scene. The snugness of wearing a collar gives a submissive a permanent reminder of who is in control. Collar use maybe symbolic, or it can be used to restrain or direct a sub’s … Read more

Tantus Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring Review

Tantus Cock Ring review

Cock rings are a great toy for gents who wish to stay harder for longer. Vibrating cock rings take this one step further, by providing extra sensation for oneself and one’s partner. This Tantus silicone vibrating cock ring is no exception, delivering on both counts. How is the design? The design of this Tantus cock … Read more

Bondage Equipment You Already Have At Home

Bondage Equipment You Already Have At Home

If you are just starting out your adventures in bondage, then the high cost of equipment can be quite prohibitive and curtail your experimentation. However, this need not be the case, you probably have many household items already, that with a little imagination can double up as great bondage. Clothes Pegs These mundane items are … Read more