Maximus Anal Lubricant Review

With a slew of butt plugs to test, some decent lube was essential. This is where the Maximus Anal Lube came in, specifically formulated for anal use, we tested it thoroughly to see if it lives up to its name. Arriving from our favorite store, Lovehoney, in their trademark long rectangular brown box, devoid of … Read more

Vielle Lubricant Gel Review

Lovehoney Enjoy Water Based Lubricant

This little bottle of lubricant gel is one we picked up some time ago and have progressively been working our way through it. It seems fitting, that now as the bottle is almost empty, do we finally write up our review of it. The Vielle lubricant gel comes in a small 50ml bottle with a … Read more

Wank Wax Lube Review

On a recent toy order, Ms. Kinnk added this small tub of Hardware Wank Wax Heavy Duty Masturbation Wax. Hailing from California and marketed with a good sense of humor, Hardware Wank Wax promises to polish one’s penis to a high glass shine! The wax is thick, odorless and is very similar to Vaseline in … Read more

ID Glide Lube Mini Review

id glide review

The ID Glide Lubricant, is a simple no fuss lube. No perfume, no color, just simple long-lasting water-based lube. In practice, it performs exactly as it claims. We liked its colorless and odorless properties, most artificial perfumes and flavors tend to have a sickly quality to them. The lube’s lasting power was more than ample … Read more