Bondage Equipment You Already Have At Home

Bondage Equipment You Already Have At Home

If you are just starting out your adventures in bondage, then the high cost of equipment can be quite prohibitive and curtail your experimentation. However, this need not be the case, you probably have many household items already, that with a little imagination can double up as great bondage. Clothes Pegs These mundane items are … Read more

DIY Home Made Bondage Spreader Bar Howto

In times of austerity, there is no need for one to give up one’s favorite past time, which can favorite quickly become expensive if investing in specialized equipment. Instead, in the spirit of the current trend for thrift, I have put together a ‘how-to’ for making a very popular piece of bondage equipment. I will … Read more

Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator Review

“Variety is the spice of life.” said Oscar Wilde. Variety is exactly what you get with this little Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator. Featuring ten different vibrating patterns, of varying intensity and rhythm. All of which can be chosen via the separate remote control (quoted range of 40ft). This opens up a wealth of fun … Read more