Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Submit to Me’ Beginners Bondage Kit Review

Fifty-Shades-Grey-Beginners-Bondage-Kit-1I’m not even going to talk about the Fifty Shades of Grey novels that this item is based upon. If you’ve no idea what they’re about, never caught any of the media storm that surrounded them, never had one fall out of your packet of Special K flakes, or even stumbled upon any of the multitude of authors trying to mimic E L James’ fame and more specifically her fortune, then I salute you! But I do question how you found this website.

As with any successful piece of media, it’s the brand that really carries the marketing clout, everything from the movie spin offs to the themed toys. It is these latter items that are the focus of todays review. Here we have a Beginners Bondage Kit, inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey and officially endorsed by E L James.

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Wood Wang Workshop ‘Bad Girl’ Paddle Review

Wood Wang Workshop Bad Girl PaddleThe lovely people at ThatPosition recently sent this Wood Wang Workshop paddle in for a thorough testing. Never one’s to turn down a challenge we put it through it’s paces and here follows our verdict.

The paddle arrived in a non-descriptive poly bag, wrapped in bubble wrap and with no fancy printed manufactures packaging to speak of. No issue here, we all hate the tacky photos and presentation that far too many other products seem obsessed with. No needless waste packaging is also a thumbs up on the environment front too. The first thing that hits you about this Wood Wang Workshop paddle, is how sturdy, solid and weighty it is. It has been carved from a thick slap of Gonçalo Alves hardwood (also known as Zebrawood or Tigerwood), featuring a lovely grain and with a super smooth finish. The Wood Wang Workshop source all of their wood from sustainable sources (another environmental thumbs up).

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BS Is Nice Octopussy Leather Whip Review

BSIsNice Octopussy leather whipWhen ThatPosition asked us to review some items for them, this distinctive whip caught my eye, I just had to check it out. Who wouldn’t want to play with a cute little octopus? This Octopussy whip is mad by BS Is Nice, a small company based in Madrid who specialise in quality hand made goods and are better known for the funky multi-coloured silicone dildos.

The first thing that surprised me about this Octopussy whip is it’s size. It’s a cute little mini finger whip! Measuring up at just 175mm long and 30mm wide and very light weight. Don’t let the the glossy product photos give you false expectations, dig out a rule and get a feel for it’s true size. None of which is a negative point on the product, just a point to consider with all online purchases.

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ElectraStim Flick EM60 Electro Stimulation Machine Review

ElectraStim-EM60-Flick-2Not so long ago we reviewed a number of electro stimulation products here at Kinky Testers, all rather interesting and facilitated some fun and interesting play sessions. A couple of months ago, by total fluke I managed to win this ElectraStim Flick EM60 (along with a separate probe) in a competition. Not bad going at all! So it’s only fitting that after a few weeks of testing we review it here.

Packaging and presentation of the ElectraStim is top notch, more akin to the latest greatest smart phone. In fact dimensions wise, it’s not too dissimilar to an iPhone. In the box, you get the EM60 control unit, a cable to connect to your stimulation pads or probe, two pairs of sticky stimulation pads, a USB charging cable, a little pouch and some instructions. It features an internal rechargeable battery, giving 6 hours of charge and mini USB charging socket. There are 24 intensity levels, 7 pulse patterns and a motion sensing ‘flick’ operation mode, but more on that later. The EM60 has just one output socket, with an accessory cable with two standard 2mm plugs, to which you can attach the supplied pads or any other electrostim probe that takes your fancy. Other models further up the range do sport dual outputs. The design of the control unit is very slick, smart and well thought out. For example the buttons are water proof and won’t get excessive lube embedded under them.

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Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Cuffs Review

Sportsheets Sex in Shower cuffs closeupYou can never have too many restraints, however these are a little different to many as they feature huge suckers on them. Intended for use in the shower, but perfect for a lot of other play too. I picked these up from Lovehoney using up my loyalty points I had built up, so essentially a freebie.

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